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Music Start-Up Helps Artists Ditch Record Labels And Launch Their Careers Independently

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Music Start-Up Helps Artists Ditch Record Labels And Launch Their Careers Independently

May 27
18:49 2020

Why sign your life away to a corporation when you can rise to the top of your field on your own?

What if every independent music artist had the same training, resource and opportunities as they would if they were signed to a major label?

Music business start-up “JeffMAC Music” was started with a simple premise in mind — to bridge the gap from hobby musician to independent artist. In an ever-evolving industry where self-releasing is possible for the masses; JeffMAC envisions a future where every artist in the business is a self-made entrepreneur. He was sick of seeing artists get scammed by so-called “industry gurus”, who take your money and give very little in return. Instead Jeff wanted to create a service that allows artists to thrive in the industry; as well as giving real results in the from of increased fan-engagement, streams and record sales

Founder, self-made producer and entrepreneur, Jeff, boasts ten years experience working directly with artists in the business. The start-up ensures every artist that they help is able to be entirely self-sufficient and make a living from their music. Whereas in the past, a small number of labels controlled the resources necessary to launch an artist. These days it is possible to do it on your own with the right training.

Recording. Marketing. Branding. Building a fanbase. Royalties and copyright law. JeffMAC music helps artists learn everything they need to get a leg up on their career; and ditch having to sign to a label. For the first time ever artists can learn and grow with other like-minded music industry professionals without having to sign their life away to a recording contract. Industry quality sound mixing and engineering is even available too.

Re-structuring the music industry so that everyone has a fair shot at getting heard is a long road. But as JeffMAC music puts it… Let’s change the industry. One artist at a time.

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