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Orangina Is Making Waves In The U.S.

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Orangina Is Making Waves In The U.S.

May 28
20:22 2020
Orangina Is Making Waves In The U.S.

Known as “the champagne of soft drinks,” Orangina has been a popular beverage in Europe, especially in France, since the 1960s. The iconic glass bottles evoke sidewalk cafes along the Seine on a warm summer afternoon. The beverage has been sold in the U.S. for over forty years, but it has never attracted as much attention as its European counterpart. However, a recent change in ownership has brought the orange drink back into the spotlight, and sales are surging.


The lightly sweet and mildly carbonated beverage was first invented in the 1930’s by a Spanish pharmacist named Augustin Trigo. He introduced the drink, which he called Naranjina, at a trade fair in Marseille, where French businessman Leon Beton bought the rights to it. Beton first began producing the drink in Algeria, and it became popular throughout North Africa. Beton’s son, Jean-Claude, brought production to Marseille in 1962 and helped to popularize the brand in France, where it quickly took off. It was Jean-Claude who introduced the famous 8-oz glass bottle that was shaped and textured to resemble an orange. 

New U.S. Ownership 

Since 1979, the sparkling citrus beverage has been licensed to Keurig Dr. Pepper in the U.S. Over the years, the drink has gradually declined in distribution, becoming harder to find in coffee shops and grocery stores. In hopes of reviving sales, Orangina’s global owner, Suntory, reacquired the licensing rights in North America and tapped Ventures Food and Beverage (VFB) to reevaluate and relaunch the brand in 2020. Distribution is already expanding due to excitement among legacy distributors and new partnerships with national distributors like KeHE, Sysco and UNFI. Ecommerce is obviously a priority since they have already started selling 24 pack slim cans on Amazon.com.

Back To Basics

In reintroducing the beverage to the U.S. market, VBF is emphasizing its rich history, going back to the original french recipe with natural ingredients and the classic pear-shaped glass bottle. The new recipe harks back to its original French predecessor and uses real citrus juices (orange, grapefruit and lemon), pulp from mandarin oranges, and sparkling water. For more information about the ingredients, go to https://www.orangina-na.com/products/.

Updates To The Brand

According to https://www.orangina-na.com/, the latest version of the sparkling orange drink contains 12% natural citrus juice and no high fructose corn syrup like most orange soft drinks. In addition to the recyclable glass bottle, the drink is also available in resealable plastic bottles and slim aluminum cans. The new tagline, “shake up the everyday,” is reminiscent of earlier marketing campaigns designed to teach consumers how to mix the sparkling water and pulp, and it also conveys a spirit of fun and adventure. 

About Orangina

Orangina is a brand of sparkling citrus beverage originally developed in Europe and now sold widely in the U.S. and Canada. The brand is licensed in North America to Venture Food and Beverage, a brand acceleration group that focuses on promoting brands with insights from market research, consumer trends, and innovative ideas.

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