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How Video Production Agency CoolBox Films Is Changing Their Model To Keep Moving During Coronavirus

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How Video Production Agency CoolBox Films Is Changing Their Model To Keep Moving During Coronavirus

May 29
10:20 2020
How Video Production Agency CoolBox Films Is Changing Their Model To Keep Moving During Coronavirus
Coolbox Films usually produce films and adverts for corporations and large events, but due to the pandemic they have like many others been forced to stop filming. But to combat this slump in business they’ve adapted and morphed their offering to provide services that can still provide value to their clientele, whilst being social distancing friendly!

Businesses across every industry are changing up their models to make it through the coronavirus pandemic. Film production agencies are no exception. One video agency, Brighton-based CoolBox Films, has found ways to stay afloat during the pandemic.

When a Global Film Company Gets Grounded

CoolBox Films has been making moving pictures for over 20 years. Their films range from big-budget adverts and internal communications to feature-length documentaries and animated music videos. They produce everything in-house at their video production suite in Brighton.

Although based in the UK, CoolBox works with clients around the globe. They regularly produce videos for foreign or international corporations. Their global clientele, as well as the need to shoot on location in various spots around the world, means that the CoolBox team travels often. Of course, this travel has been all but eliminated due to the spread of COVID-19 and government response to it.

Unsurprisingly, the agency’s business was interrupted when the pandemic set in. The inability to travel coupled with clients reducing their video production budgets has made for a rough patch for the Brighton video agency. But by shifting their services in three major ways, CoolBox Films have managed to thrive during the coronavirus.

Shifting Focus to Post-Production

The first change the video agency made was focussing more of their efforts on post-production. Editing, mixing, colouring, soundtracks, and other post-production processes are done at their Brighton suite, so no need to travel abroad. But there was still the safety of the CoolBox post-production team to keep in mind, so the agency prepared their team for remote working.

They upgraded to a more secure, robust cloud-based file storage and management system, so video and audio files could be safely transferred between the studio and editors’ home computers. The film agency also made the most of their collaboration software, which is designed specifically for video production. If need be, clients can even do their own filming and send the footage to CoolBox to be edited. By promoting their post-production services and readying their team for remote working, CoolBox Films opened themselves up to new opportunities.

Producing More Animation Video

Another major way the video production company has shifted during coronavirus is moving toward animation. Before the virus hit, CoolBox already offered a range of animated video services. They specialize in corporate video production, working with clients on brand animation, corporate animation, and animated explainer videos. Now that social distancing and travel restrictions keep the company from shooting films in person, they’re playing up their animated video services.

The video agency has increased their number of animated video projects since the pandemic started. Their clients have realised that animation is a great way to continue publishing video content without putting health and safety at risk in the creation process. CoolBox plans to continue heavily promoting their animation video after travel restrictions are lifted. They expect these services to grow steadily in popularity, as some businesses may prefer to keep their current remote working arrangements well into the future.

Offering Consultation

The final way CoolBox Films is staying ahead of the coronavirus is by offering consultations. They realise that many companies are planning to resume or launch new video marketing campaigns in the future. Many companies might not have the resources to start a new campaign right now, but that shouldn’t stop them from planning ahead. CoolBox is willing to meet with businesses and discuss future projects, as well as give advice on launching new campaigns.

Consulting with clients on your agency’s area of expertise is one of the best ways to adapt during the coronavirus, according to CoolBox. If you aren’t actively working on projects or taking on new clients, consultations help you stay sharp and apply your skills. The film company is happy to offer their knowledge and advice to companies who might be struggling.

Businesses Should Adapt to Survive During Coronavirus

The lesson CoolBox Films hopes to impart to other video agencies is that adaptation is nothing to be afraid of. Pivoting your services might not seem doable at first, but it’s necessary if you want to see your business through this crisis. CoolBox have recognised this and have made major changes to their business model.

Will these changes be permanent? Perhaps not, but the film agency admits that their services may not return to exactly what they were before. It’ll be difficult for many businesses to return to their pre-pandemic operations. But CoolBox Films doesn’t see this as a bad thing. For this film company, recognising your clients’ needs and adapting to serve those needs is the only way to grow as a business.

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