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A Career Guide for Actors ‘A New Slant on Acting – An Insider’s Secret to Succeeding on Sets’ by Charese Mongiello

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A Career Guide for Actors ‘A New Slant on Acting – An Insider’s Secret to Succeeding on Sets’ by Charese Mongiello

May 29
18:16 2020

Hollywood, California – When it comes to succeeding in Hollywood, it seems actors and actresses that are hopeful are a dime a dozen. If ever there was a time that they needed a leg up to stand out from the competition, it’s now.

Therefore “A New Slant on Acting” is a revolutionary approach. Charese Mongiello is the author that wants to help these Hollywood hopefuls find a way to make their dreams come true.


The book’s premise is something that anyone in the acting or filmmaking field can benefit from. Those who hope to make it onto movie sets would covet sound advice that gets them there.

Charese Mongiello is speaking from her immense experience. She has been involved in acting in some form or another all her life. Her titles have included producer, director, actor, stage manager, and script supervisor. With these roles, she is apt to have an intimate understanding of the inner workings of the industry that is Hollywood.

Mongiello is also centered in the action as she resides in Los Angelos, California. She aims to educate actors and actresses to become the type of professionals that directors need. She views this as the real competitive edge that those in film careers have over their competition.

The book goes over all the aspects of the production. In her book, she shares how she only originally wanted to do theatre. Her goal was to make it more popular. Then, she opened her eyes to the greater picture. She saw that moviemaking was a viable art. However, it still took her two years to fall in love with the craft.

As a college graduate, Mongiello has the education and the talent to make her suggestions viable. She has seen what the theatre scene is like in college. She then moved to Hollywood to start to live out her dreams in all practicality. She even knows what it feels like to spend all of her life savings just to get her to Hollywood.

She owned a theater in Colton, California, so she already had a start. However, her fascination with Hollywood led her more to explore the inner workings of the city. She views the city as a collection of talented individuals, as she describes in her book. She doesn’t see it the same as the theatre where you have to be popular to fit in.

All in all, the insights that Mongiello shares cannot be summarized in just a few short pages. It’s a worthy endeavor to read her entire book. Even non-actors will be interested in what she has to share about the industry. The book is available on online stores Amazon and iUniverse. More info about the book and the author is available at https://www.anewslantonacting.com/. You can read more about her thoughts and feelings regarding Hollywood life.

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