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Serapina: A Web-based Online Learning Management School System in the Philippines that Features Online Enrollment System, DepEd and CHED School Forms and Reports, Easy Grading System and A Lot More

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Serapina: A Web-based Online Learning Management School System in the Philippines that Features Online Enrollment System, DepEd and CHED School Forms and Reports, Easy Grading System and A Lot More

May 29
18:26 2020

Online classes are one of the trends today in the aspect of education for both CHED and DepEd institutions. Since it’s the 21st century, different technological advancements are made. Some people can interact with one another through social networking sites across the globe. The distance is no longer a problem as messages can be sent quickly within a second. You can have access to various information with plenty of resources as well. The possibility is endless. It’s all made convenient now. And even today, everyone is a witness to the global emergence of the Internet. It’s the pathway for different walks of life to connect and share thoughts or ideas. You can interact with your family, friends, or even strangers. 

So, the opportunity to stay connected or kept in touch is made available. And with that, educational institutions aim to work better by going online. All transactions made in the school administration and K-12 class level are now without any paper. With one click, you can enroll or visit any of your school services. It’s that easy. The main reason is: for schools to meet the demands of the current global trends, including Internet access. 

As students use a learning management system such as Serapina – Online Learning Management School System in the Philippines, it helps teachers, admin, students and parents to work, monitor better and connect easily. The very essence of having online processing is that it’s now made simpler without hassle from any workforce. And for you to know more about it, here’s how Serapina helps in the online schooling system.

Efficient Online Class Management

A class is hard to manage in person, but what more if it’s online? Serapina offers much better and efficient online class management, which is not far from the non-virtual interaction of students and teachers. It’s not hard to make some adjustments at all as the online-based system is made in the same flow. In a class, it helps the teacher to check the attendance of the students. Unlike manually having a checklist, it’s much more comfortable with the online process. Click and select – these are the two things you may have to do in Serapina, and everything else follows. 

Is the class hard to handle online? Good question. It’s not complicated. A quick learning guide is presented in Serapina to help you out. Apart from the attendance checking, students can also see their grades online. It’s a more transparent way of showing the numerical grades of students. Both teachers and students can also participate actively in online lessons and online tests. Documents, like modules or hand-outs, can be sent and shared in the class for them to study in a particular subject. So, instead of making time to print all the papers, it’s now accessible through the virtual platform. 

Serapina is also an interactive learning management system (LMS) developed by CollabUX Web Solutions, Co where students and teachers can leave their comments, likes, and chat all along. Based on the mainstream social media sites, it’s inviting to socialize. So, students can freely express their thoughts as well. In the class news feed, all relevant posts will appear. Another thing: teachers can monitor the performance of their students. Different features can help them. And lastly, real-time notifications will appear, such as SMS or e-mail messages, to keep the online system updated.  

Effective Learning School Management System

Aside from class management, which is the necessary and essential pillar of an educational institution, Serapina also helps in school administration in general. As for the school management process, it goes for the entire community of teachers and students. It is about school transactions, which are most often during the enrolment period. 

Online processing is made effective as the admission of documents from both students and teachers is now paperless. They can conveniently use online documents to send in one click. It’s that easy and straightforward. Apart from that, it makes the enrolment process faster and smoother. No more queues. It saves the time and energy of most students.

In the same way, the payment processing is made accessible. Serapina secures all the records of payment collected with privacy. It’s a no-hassle for school cashiers and registrars. 

For the teachers, the school management system helps in terms of course/curriculum-tracking, which allows them to discuss adequately. Other features also include room slot management, smart class scheduling, announcements, school events, and easy report generation for enrolment, sales, and collection. It’s a lesser amount of time poured into work. Making it online keeps the students safe in their homes, if necessary. It makes everything prepared ahead of time for the school to serve the interests and most needs of the institution effectively. 

One another thing: the process also includes ready to print CHED/DepEd forms, which is one of the DepED Compliances School Management System. It’s a simultaneous effort from the educational agencies and schools to work better in going online-based. 

Time-Saver, Organized, And Hassle-Free System

Since everything is mostly accessible through the power of the Internet, there is nothing much to worry about. The process is made simple and understandable for all. It also lessens the time consumed in any school or class transactions. And because of the current social issues faced today across the globe, the online system is much needed. 

Serapina is an excellent avenue for schools to explore. It’s well-planned as well for convenience and much better online experience both for students and teachers. Serapina keeps everything at hand. All features provided can address the educational concerns of the whole school community. As a web-based system, it’s indeed helpful.  

Final Word

These are great ideas about Serapina and how it significantly contributes to a more accessible educational system online. All data online are secured and safe. It keeps track of the records of the school too. The grading system is made much more accessible. The paperless processing will create a significant impact in terms of the environmental aspect, which is a huge step for making a change in this world. 

You can check out their website at https://school.serapina.com/ or call them directly in their phone number (+63) 998-597-4751or simply send them an email at [email protected] for more details.

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