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My Success Pros Introduces Website Monitoring Services for Online Businesses

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My Success Pros Introduces Website Monitoring Services for Online Businesses

February 24
14:00 2021
For My Success Pros, a known online marketing platform, keeping abreast with the changes and advancements in technology is vital for the continued success of a business. That being said, My Success Pros has expanded its services.

In running an online business, time is essential and equates to money. Website downtime may result in customer abandonment and all investments could go to waste. What’s worse is it will also affect the credibility of the business and losing customers’ trust and loyalty, which can lead to financial losses.

Even the most established companies had their fair share of downtime experience. It’s crystal clear; every website is susceptible to downtime. However, this can be prevented through website monitoring.

What is Website Monitoring?

Website monitoring refers to the process of analyzing, testing, and monitoring the status and uptime performance of a website. It is vital to ensure that all website applications, features, and infrastructure are working as they should. Companies like My Success Pros work by closely monitoring websites to ensure that they are visible and highly accessible at all times and website downtimes are kept to a minimum.

Website downtime is inevitable and detrimental to the business. But what causes the website to go down? My Success Pros shared the most common reasons for website downtime and how their website monitoring services can help in preventing them.

The Common Reasons of Website Downtime

  • Hardware Failures – Almost 55% of website downtime is caused by hardware failures. Incorrect syntax and infinite loops can trigger widespread outages. Routine monitoring and maintenance can help in predicting website outages and at the same time minimizes occurrences.
  • Software Failures – Incompatible versions of operating systems, plug-ins, and themes can also cause the website to crash. Comprehensively monitoring all mission-critical software is necessary to ensure that they are all up-to-date and would not cause any trouble in accessibility and availability.
  • Traffic Overload – Website traffic helps generate quality leads and conversions. However, a sudden spike in traffic may cause the website to slow down and crash. Through My Success Pros website monitoring, business owners are notified instantly if traffic overload is to be expected. This gives business owners enough time to rectify the issues before it even interrupts the website’s overall functionality.
  • Malicious Attacks – Websites are vulnerable to malware and hacker attacks. The most common attack that causes a website outage is a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. DDoS attacks happen by flooding or overloading compromised computer servers with simultaneous requests. These overloads cause a website to freeze and become unresponsive. My Success Pros provides testing and monitoring tools to determine network vulnerabilities and identify suspicious activities. Website monitoring provides a higher level of website security and helps in mitigating the risks for malicious attacks.
  • Human Errors – Studies say that more than 40% of website outages are traced back due to human errors. This may include negligence in coding, improper handling of servers, and accidental unplugging of the cord during server workouts. While it can be impossible to eradicate human errors, My Success Pros can help reduce the likelihood of errors by comprehensively monitoring the websites. Doing so helps in determining any potential errors that could lead to website downtime. 

The above-mentioned reasons that cause website downtime usually happen and costly for the business. The good news is that they are preventable and companies like My Success Pros can provide off-the-shelf and reliable solutions to minimize these events. My Success Pros also provides real-time alerts to notify business owners of possible website failures allowing them to take prompt corrective action.

About My Success Pros

My Success Pros is an online platform known for providing digital marketing and coaching services. The platform has built its reputation for being committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners in maximizing their potential to achieve sustainable and long-term business growth.

Since a lot of businesses have already turned to the internet to reach a wider customer base, My Success Pros saw the need to help businesses not only in terms of marketing but also to keep their websites optimally functional. This urged them to expand and added website monitoring to their services.

Their monitoring services help in analyzing root causes of website performance issues and at the same time provide a detailed report of uptime and website performance.

The company hopes that the addition of the website monitoring services would position businesses for the best chances of competition and deliver the best possible customer experience.

To learn more about My Success Pros, please visit https://mysuccesspros.com/. For questions and other concerns, send an email to [email protected].

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