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A Marketplace That Offers A Multitude – Algoblocks Marketplace

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A Marketplace That Offers A Multitude – Algoblocks Marketplace

January 11
17:12 2022

Algoblocks has released a marketplace that allows users to publish their trading strategies. This increases users’ ability to interact with Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

One of the core aspects of the company is its visual representation of investment or trading strategies. This gives users a visual view of the opportunity to combine abstract investment strategies which don’t require programming.

Algoblock’s defines itself by allowing traders to invest and stake in multiple pools on different blockchains to create a winning strategy.

By sharing Algoblock’s with the community, users can take a more in-depth approach and assess and review the performance of the token to then vote on the release.

The native token is staked and then returns are paid to platform users’ selected wallets every 15 days. The platform offers a function to allow members to set a returns percentage and additionally position themselves for additional earned returns.

Staking returns are based on time periods. The performance of traders affects the amount of return after the staking period has expired and if negative will result in traders losing their staked amount.

These strategized rewards will help incentivize users to further benefit the community.

The Algoblocks are assessed based on overall performance and the community of other traders. Once a trader attains the critical momentum score, a combination of performance and community voting, the block is released to the Algoblock’s trading community.

Once available, the Algoblocks users can start interacting with the blocks to gain percentage returns. Returns are then paid in $Algoblocks tokens to the trader’s respective wallet of choice.

Creators of the Algoblocks can set a royalty percentage for additional gains on their blocks when used by members. Returns are then stacked and released every period of a trading cycle. In this case, trading cycles are determined by the trader ranging from one day to one month.

Visit their website to learn more: https://www.algoblocks.io/

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