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NTGD Diaphragm Valve brings proven quality and trustworthy services to its clients.

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NTGD Diaphragm Valve brings proven quality and trustworthy services to its clients.

May 11
00:18 2022
NTGD manufactures a variety of diaphragm valves, including motorized diaphragm valves, manual diaphragm valves, weir type diaphragm valves, straight through diaphragm valves and 3-way diaphragm valves with materials including cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, and PVC.

A diaphragm valve is a special kind of shut-off valve and is bi-directional. Structurally distinct from the standard valves. As the name implies, a diaphragm is the opening and closing element in a diaphragm valve made of a soft/flexible material that is elastic, non-corrosive, and nonpermeable such as rubber and plastic. It separates the fluid inside the valve body cavity from the cover cavity and the driving member, preventing contamination of the working medium and corrosion of operating parts.

NTGD is a Diaphragm Valve Manufacturer company based in China, established by a team of experienced engineers in 1999. It is an ISO 9001 certified company located in NTGD industrial zone, Wenzhou city, China. Since then, NTGD has been dedicated to manufacturing top quality diaphragm valves, including manual diaphragm valves, pneumatic diaphragm valves, lined diaphragms, sanitary diaphragm valves and so on. The company deals in the following Diaphragm Valves:

  • Manual Diaphragm Valve: Wire Type Diaphragm valve | Straight Through Diaphragm valve.

  • Actuated Diaphragm Valve: Pneumatic Diaphragm valve | Motorized Diaphragm valve.

  • Lined Diaphragm Valve: Rubber Diaphragm Valve | PTFE Lined Diaphragm valve.

  • Sanitary Diaphragm Valve: Pneumatic Sanitary Diaphragm valve | U Type Diaphragm Valve.

NTGD diaphragm valve aims to be the expert of proven quality and trustworthy diaphragm valve manufacturer. The makers continuously improve their technology and equipment to ensure their customers are prominent players in the diaphragm valve manufacturing. NTGD always tries their best to manufacture reliable, affordable diaphragm valves and satisfy customer service. The founders of NTGD hope the diaphragm valve connects the pipe and the long-term relationship between them.

Additionally, NTGD has expanded their facility and consistently improved the technology, which has enabled the founders to offer the finest quality and service to meet the need of their customers. NTGD diaphragm valve can ensure their customers and clients about their close cooperation. Intending users and buyers can contact the team at their email address: [email protected] if they have any questions about the diaphragm valve. For further queries and information, potential customers can visit the official website.

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