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Why Addiction Comes in Many Forms and How Understanding the Effects Helps to Tackle It

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Why Addiction Comes in Many Forms and How Understanding the Effects Helps to Tackle It

September 18
17:16 2019

Addiction comes in many forms. There are so many different variants of chemical stimulant present in drugs and alcohol but the ultimate effect is usually the same – it destroys the health of individuals and ultimately derails their lives, affecting family and work and spreading the damage beyond the addicted individual.

To properly target addiction takes a clear and expert understanding of the particular substance, its effects and what specifically causes the addictive qualities. The individual circumstances of the addict also need to be completely understood, in order to identify and tackle the root causes of what drew them to the addictive substance in the first place.

Although even identifying these root causes can be complex. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug and with the short-term effects reported to be a feeling of euphoria, together with heightened mental alertness and an energy boost, it is perhaps not surprising that regular users find it a hard habit to kick. Because of its reputation as a mood-enhancing ‘party’ drug, it is not necessarily the case that someone could become addicted because of underlying mental health issues – it may have been an accident due to their party lifestyle getting out of hand.

Other drugs, such as methamphetamines, have a genuine medical use in that they can be used to treat ADHD and obesity. As with cocaine, those who take meth – or crystal meth – experience a quickening of the metabolism and a rush of euphoria, with the confident feeling of being able to achieve anything. However, the withdrawal symptoms are considerably worse, including suicidal thoughts, paranoia and fatigue.

Inspire Change Wellness is an addiction center for men that specializes in treating addiction to various substances, including those mentioned above. This clinic sees patients who have completed the gruelling withdrawal phase and are now looking for more tailored therapy to prevent relapse. Another substance the clinic helps with is heroin addiction, which is potentially challenging because of the mood swings associated with unsupervised withdrawal. Inspire Change Wellness can provide addicts with a safe environment in which to move beyond usage of this particular drug.

“Actually wanting to kick an addiction and then being fully committed to a treatment plan is the most important first step in tackling drug use,” said a spokesperson for Inspire Change Wellness. “Our approach is really a holistic one, in that we aim to drive down the likelihood of relapse by covering all aspects of the impact that addiction can have on people.

“To properly fight addiction, it takes much more than a successful detox – there are countless reasons why people become addicted to alcohol and drugs, and our rehabilitation program is focused on addressing these root causes. This is why we also provide individual and group therapy. It offers a choice to those who wish to discuss sensitive issues in a private setting, while also providing comfort and empathy through group therapy.”

Inspire Change Wellness also tackle addictions to marijuana, prescription drugs, painkillers, alcohol and amphetamines. It also focuses on tackling the unique challenges posed by male attitudes to healthcare, purposefully creating a men-only environment in the belief that male participants will be more comfortable about opening up.

About Inspire Change Wellness

Inspire Change Wellness covers a range of addictions, from alcohol and marijuana to heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs and opioids. The centre is staffed by senior clinical professionals who are specialized in addiction medicine, mental health and preventive medicine, and also counsellors who are highly experienced in dealing with addiction and more general mental health issues. Their website is at https://addictionhealingcentre.ca/  

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