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From MMA to Digital Entrepreneurship: How Mikey Gomez Helps Others Dream Big Through Financial Literacy

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From MMA to Digital Entrepreneurship: How Mikey Gomez Helps Others Dream Big Through Financial Literacy

July 20
20:24 2020

The jump from professional sportsmanship to entrepreneurship is a common one, but few choose to use their skills to help others. However, that’s exactly what former professional Mixed Martial Artist Mikey Gomez is doing.

Professional sportsmanship is an ideal foundation for a future in entrepreneurship due to the dedication, motivation, and mental game required to perform physically week in, week out, for years. As a professional from 2005 – 2015, Mikey Gomez has plenty of experience in knowing what it takes to push yourself to reach your goals over a decade. 

Mikey competed for EliteXC, Bellator, Cage Warriors, XFC, and RFA, and became the Cage Warriors Fighting Champion in 2008.  In 2015, after a period of financial difficulty, Mikey learned how money really works, by partnering with John Shin (the producer of the movie version of Think and Grow Rich and the writer behind the new book How Rich Asian’s Think: A Think and Grow Rich Publication) and learning everything he could from him. 

Mikey formed a close mentor-mentee friendship with Shin, and worked closely with him for two and a half years, learning business, finance, and leadership skills from the master. 

Now, he’s bringing those winning qualities to digital entrepreneurship as a Certified Knowledge Broker, taught by the famous and respected Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins, and teaching financial literacy all around the world. 

What is a Certified Knowledge Broker? 

A Certified Knowledge Broker, also known as a Certified Knowledge Business Broker, is someone who as learned all the tools and knowledge necessary to make a business successful online. They know how to create the right strategies to effectively market businesses and share their knowledge in the best way possible. This means Mikey is perfectly positioned to help you start and grow your business. 

Everyone wants to make more money, but few have the knowledge to do so. That’s where Mikey can step in – he wants to give as many people the tools to finally take the steps to better their lives and get the freedom they desire, and not go through the same financial struggles he once faced as his MMA career came to an end. 

Developing a Champion Mindset 

Professional MMA requires impressive physical strength, dedication, and serious mental strength. While entrepreneurship doesn’t require physical attributes, you most definitely need be as strong mentally as possible if you want to succeed. Mikey strongly believes that entrepreneurs today must prepare like pro athletes, and pro athletes as entrepreneurs if they are to thrive in life. 

Look at Ed Mylett, Ari Emmanuel, Conor MacGregor, and Lebron James: they are all successful athletes and entrepreneurs in their own right and prepare completely differently today than they did before. 

This is something Mikey calls the “Champion Mindset” (which also translates to #itsjustHUSTLE). It’s the mindset all champions – in sport and business – have. They work with coaches and mentors to ensure they know how to handle the mental game. These qualities are: 

  • Passion

  • Focus

  • Dedication 

  • Discipline

  • Resiliency 

  • Accountability 

… among others. You’ve got to be able to develop a winning mindset and create a vision that you can focus on and work towards. 

One thing Mikey works on with his clients is their ability to dream big. Another thing Mikey believes in passionately, is that “with hard work mixed with the right strategies, anything is possible.” This is a mindset you have to have to become successful in any field, but is definitely one you need if you want to be an entrepreneur. If you’ve got that primary belief, you don’t even need a winning business idea yet. That mindset will help you find new ideas, find the mentors to guide you, and get you to your destination. 

How Mikey Gomez Can Help You 

You’ve got to be bold, daring, and authentic if you want to succeed in business. With over a decade as an MMA professional, combined with his certification as a Certified Knowledge Broker, he’s well-positioned to help you reach your goals online. 

Whether you’ve got a business up and running and are struggling to take it to the next level, or are simply ready to break free of the 9-5 that you’ve been trapped in for years, Mikey will guide you to a six-figure strategy and help you take the first or next steps toward your dreams. 

Don’t be tempted to say you’ll take the next step later, tomorrow, or after X, as that goalpost will simply keep moving. Do you really want to be in this same place next year? In five years? In a decade? If you don’t take action today, chances are you’ll regret it. 

We live in an age where all you need to become a millionaire is a laptop, cell phone, and internet connection, and the hustle to make it happen. That’s it. So, take the next step today.

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