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Cellulite Reduction Technologies are Blitzing ‘Unsightly Orange Peel’ Skin

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Cellulite Reduction Technologies are Blitzing ‘Unsightly Orange Peel’ Skin

November 25
05:16 2020

A beauty treatment company is shining a light on the latest in cellulite reduction technologies for medical clinics and spas.

SharpLight, which provides specialist cellulite reduction equipment to salons, spas and clinics, has been profiling the state-of-the-art med-aesthetic systems that these businesses can use to help clients get rid of what so many women describe as their unsightly orange peel skin.

A spokesman from SharpLight said: “Cellulite affects one in three people. It is the fatty deposit just underneath the skin that creates a dimpled appearance that so many people hate. Anything that can help people to address this is in high demand in health clinics, spas and salons around the world.

“Our Radio Frequency and Selective Electro Heating technology can tighten, strengthen and smooth the skin, and reduce cellulite. It heats fat in a dedicated area and the heat promotes the breakdown of the fat cells, stimulates an increased production of collagen and restores elasticity in the skin.

“The radio frequency technology will increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation, that will help to flush out the fatty deposits and cellulite cells. The treatment can be used in the thigh and buttock area, as well as arms and the abdomen.

“The company’s technologies will allow beauty therapists and technicians using the equipment to change settings dependent on the severity of the cellulite and the needs of the client. There are lots of different skin types and body types, so everyone will have different grades of cellulite. The machines can adapt to tailor the treatment to a client.

The benefits for SharpLight’s cellulite reduction technologies are:

  • They are effective and efficient, showing tighter skin after a small number of sessions
  • Non-invasive, so there is no need for an aesthetic
  • A salon’s clients will not need to take any time off work or their daily commitments
  • The treatment has long lasting results if combined with good nutrition and exercise regimes
  • Proven high client / patient satisfaction
  • SharpLight clients are given full support from the company’s technical experts
  • The company’s marketing team provide salons, clinics and spas with support to help promote the services to potential clients

The spokesman added: “Spas, clinics and salons can then upsell other treatments that fit perfectly alongside the cellulite reduction treatment to provide lucrative packages. This could include providing support for sun damaged, environmentally polluted, or ageing skin through skin rejuvenation treatments. There are also options to provide drug free light treatment for acne. Or light treatment for vascular and pigmented lesions that can last up to six months, which can be life changing if these lesions are on someone’s face,” he added.

About SharpLight

SharpLight develops non-invasive med-aesthetic light technologies for the health and beauty industry. The company’s research and development is carried out in Israel, but the head office and all customer service operation are run out of the head office in Toronto.

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