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A Center for Marijuana Rehab in Vancouver Busts the Myths

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A Center for Marijuana Rehab in Vancouver Busts the Myths

November 25
05:20 2020

A Center for marijuana rehab in Vancouver has issued a warning on the myths surrounding the use of marijuana.

Experts at the Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Healing Center for Men are so worried about people’s perceptions that using marijuana does not leave them at risk of addiction that they have issued a special notice.

A spokesman for the center said: “It is so worrying to hear people say that using marijuana is not harmful and we wanted to speak out and bust a few myths that are flying about.

“Many people say that using marijuana is not as harmful as smoking. That is actually incorrect. Marijuana contains more tar than cigarettes and more than 400 different harmful chemicals, and many of those are known to be carcinogenic.

“We find that marijuana is actually more harmful now than it was in the past because stronger synthetic versions are being produced and made available on the streets.

“Many people say that marijuana is good for health issues. This is only relevant to a small number of strains of marijuana and for a handful of medical conditions. Marijuana bought on the street does not offer these sorts of health benefits.

“We see people in our treatment center day after day who have become addicted to marijuana and it has ruined their life. We have to pull them up from rock bottom and help them to rid their lives of marijuana and get themselves back on track.

“Marijuana can start by helping people to feel relaxed and fun and full of confidence. The reality is that people who smoke marijuana regularly will notice their speech start to suffer, they will experience memory loss. They will find it hard to focus on work, school or learning new things. Their sense of financial and personal responsibility is lost. Over time, the buildup of these issues can cause people to lose friends, hurt their family and put their livelihoods at risk, because smoking marijuana becomes the main focus.

“The physical dependence on marijuana is quite low and the symptoms for detoxing off the drug are very mild, but it is the psychological dependence that causes the most problems and it is the side of using the drug that most people will not consider. People become addicted to the pleasant feeling that it gives them and over time they become dependent on the drug giving them that feeling. This leads them to want to do it more and more regularly,” he added.

The Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Healing Center for Men offers a special program for men who are addicted to Marijuana. Their team of highly qualified experts will help them to realize that they can lead a happy and fulfilled life without using marijuana.

About Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Treatment Center for Men

Inspire Change Wellness Center for Men offers services across the Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. It provides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs and facilities for men who suffer from alcohol, drug and prescription drug addiction.

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