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Cheng Du Grain Group Co.,Ltd’s Warehouse Waterproofing

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Cheng Du Grain Group Co.,Ltd’s Warehouse Waterproofing

April 16
14:46 2021

Food security is the foundation of economic development. Grain storage has extremely high requirements on the moisture-proof and leakage-proof of the warehouse. Traditional SBS asphalt coils have great fire hazards during the construction process. For the construction of grain warehouses, fire prevention is the top priority. Therefore, the use of polymer waterproof materials has become the first choice.

PVC waterproofing membrane is a high performance polymer waterproof sheets to PVC resin as the main raw material adding plasticizers, anti-UV agents, anti-aging agents, stabilizers and processing aids, by extrusion molding production polymer waterproofing membrane. Reliable product quality, convenient construction, various thickness, length, width can be customized according to customer requirements. PVC waterproofing membrane has the characteristics of high strength, extension, and good resistance to high and low temperatures.The seams are tightly sealed.

Trump Eco Technology Co.,Ltd uses high-quality virgin materials, uses advanced machinery and equipment, and adopts the most stringent quality management measures to produce high-quality PVC coils. Our company became the supplier of waterproof material for the warehouse roof of Chengdu Grain Group.

We provide 1.5mm reinforced PVC coils for the grain warehouse. During the construction process, we strictly control every detail and completely seal the roof of the entire grain warehouse. It is our company’s noble mission and responsibility to keep every drop of water away from the grain and make every grain safe.

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