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How MSC (Merchant Solutions) Provides Hotels and Restaurants with Seamless, Secured Payment Processing Systems

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How MSC (Merchant Solutions) Provides Hotels and Restaurants with Seamless, Secured Payment Processing Systems

April 16
21:03 2021
How MSC (Merchant Solutions) Provides Hotels and Restaurants with Seamless, Secured Payment Processing Systems

The advancement of technology has changed the way people pay for their transactions. Nowadays, it’s become a universally accepted necessity for companies and stores to be able to accept various forms of payments besides traditional cash. But merchants always rely on third-party contractors to ensure that their data and transactions are safe from any form of cyberhacking or any other problem. Seeing this need, Merchant Solutions Corp developed an innovative solution that would allow merchants to maximize growth and be at ease at all times.

Merchant Solutions Corp is a full-service company that provides payment processing platforms to help business owners process credit card, debit card, store-value, and electronic check payments with a breeze. The company supplies its clients with Point of Sale (POS) software, internet-related software, self-service kiosks, parking meters, credit and debit card processing solutions.

Home to some of the most seasoned professionals in the field, Merchant Solutions Corp guarantees its clients with top-of-the-line encrypted technology, giving business owners one of the most secure and cost-efficient payment processing systems in the market today. Furthermore, Merchant Solutions is a strategic partner to the #1 MICROS Dealership providing hardware, software, and support. This provides the company with leverage to serve their clients better, especially those from the hospitality and restaurant industry who need assistance 24/7. 

Above all, Merchant Solutions Corp preserves its integrity and commitment, believing that such two qualities are vital in keeping a healthy relationship with their clients. Jonathan Ruiz, founder and CEO, shared that integrity and commitment have served as essential core values for the company since the day they humbly opened their doors in Chicago, IL, to expand their operations to Orlando, Florida. 

“You can feel 100% confident that we’ll provide your company with a dependable, low cost and customized payment processing solution that will make managing your business effortless. With an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star Score review on different social media networks, you can be sure your Merchant account is in good hands,” shared Jonathan Ruiz.

While Merchant Solutions Corp has successfully served clients from various fields, from casinos, transportation hubs to retail stores, the company has strengthened its system to help hotels and restaurants. Asked why that is the case, Jonathan shared that since Oracle’s early acquisition of Micros Systems Inc, different merchants in the same industry have been left struggling to protect themselves from technological breaches due to the absence of integration products and technical support. 

“Hoteliers and restaurateurs have always needed to go through a third party to integrate their payment processing services to their PMS/POS. Merchant Solutions, a parent company to the #1 Micros dealership in the midwest and southeast, offers one of the best value propositions in the market for Hospitality merchants nationwide,” said Jonathan. “We’re once again leading the way by providing a comprehensive, end-to-end payment processing solution that empowers omnichannel hoteliers,” he added. 

Not only does Merchant Solutions Corp ensure that business owners run operations smoothly at the back end, but it also ensures that their system is geared to provide the perfect guest experience. Some of the unique inclusions of the company’s services designed for customers are tokenized reservations, auditing, accounting, and reporting tools, high-speed authorizations, simplified PCI compliance, Offline EMV processing capability, next day Funding, and secure reservations. Merchant Solutions also formulated a top-of-the-line QR code payment technology, latest payment device options, WeChat pay, and Alipay support, internal fraud detection, enterprise management, and industry-leading uptime. 

With the challenges posed by the pandemic, Merchant Solutions stepped up with a solution to help business owners stay afloat using contactless payment systems with zero fee processing. The company developed a  bundled program using a Free Pay at-the-table solution to increase profits in Full-service environments while simultaneously abiding by health restrictions and safety protocols. To help merchants fully utilize this recovery program, Merchant Solutions takes care of them from boarding, installing continuous technical support with no additional costs for support or processing.

To learn more about Merchant Solutions Corp, visit its website.

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