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Emran Saiyed introduces the 3-step Insulin switching therapy that cures Type 2 Diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels

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Emran Saiyed introduces the 3-step Insulin switching therapy that cures Type 2 Diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels

April 16
17:26 2021

Emran Saiyed, a researcher from Frisco, TX, and founder of T2D Rescue is introducing the 3-step Insulin switching therapy that cures Type 2 Diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Emran, on a personal level, has witnessed the devastating effect of Type 2 diabetes when his mum suffered from it. He describes the most terrifying moment of his life to be when his mum fell from the stairs due to swollen feet, one of the side effects of the different medications she took to keep her blood sugar level in check. It was a pivotal moment in the life of Emran. One which led him to embark on this campaign against type 2 diabetes using a breakthrough method called “Insulin Switching”.

Supported by Harvard, Stanford, John Hopkins, and other Ivy League universities, Emran describes Insulin switching as the fastest and easiest method that can help reverse diabetes, melt off pounds of stubborn fat, and help people live each day feeling energized and healthy again.

Using his mum as a case study, Emran recalls the tumultuous effects of type 2 diabetes which ravaged her mum’s body, ranging from constant fatigue, and uncontrollable weight gain, to intense foggy brain, and constant thirst. In his quest to finding a solution to his mum’s ailment, Emran set out to digging around online, researching, and consulting with experts. With the inflow of knowledge came 3 shocking revelations about diabetes which doctors conveniently hide from patients.

Backing up his claim by citing resources from the State University Of New York Downstate Medical Center, Emran stated that acute weight gain from diabetes pills is one of the secrets doctors hide from diabetes patients.

The second root cause of diabetes, which doctors wouldn’t reveal, according to Emran, is Pancreas Fatigue. “When it comes to managing blood sugar, the pancreas is the most important organ in your body. However, your pancreas has its limits, like many other organs in the body. And when it becomes fatigued, your pancreas stops its job of removing sugar from your blood, instead, it builds up in the bloodstream, having nowhere to go.”

As a panacea to this, the brilliant minds at Hopkins, Harvard, and Stanford came up with the simple 3-step Insulin switching therapy to help stabilize blood sugar levels. “By switching from your pancreas to your muscle, excess sugar can be removed from your blood, giving the pancreas the break it desperately needs to recover”, explained Emran.

“You can eat any carbs you want when you follow this simple 3-step method” which reveals Emran’s 3rd secret of diabetes which doctors conveniently hide from patients. Emran points out that hence an overworked pancreas has been established as one of the root causes of diabetes, switching from the pancreas to muscles will naturally burn off the excess sugar in the blood, giving one the freedom to eat certain carbs in moderation, a fact doctors never reveal.

Emran goes ahead to properly introduce the 3-step Insulin switching therapy which involves:

Step 1: Prime the “Insulin Switching”. Emran explains that proteins, with its high deficiency among most Americans, are the most important macro for insulin switching. Eating the right amount of protein leads to curbed appetite, which leads to weight loss, ultimately resulting to lean muscle growth, a prerequisite for step 2.

Step 2: Trigger insulin switching by activating key muscles. This transcends cardios. It involves lifting weights in key muscle groups. A simple and gentle routine that takes no more than 45 mins a day, just twice a week.

Step 3: Maintain Insulin switching for long-term success. Emran notes that most failures in the aforementioned steps come when people want to do it alone. “In fact, about 92 percent make no progress. Among them, 50% will continue to experience symptoms and the remainder will land in the hospital or worse”, he declared. As a solution, Emran assures that working directly with him ensures the right protein intake and customized workout program tailored to suit the body. “If you are ready to live each day to the fullest, carefree with friends and family, without giving up all the food you love, call me.”

“By working directly with me the following is guaranteed:

  • Give you the protein your body needs
  • Customize a twice a week workout program
  • Give you 24/7 direct access to me for any questions you have.
  • Give you two private 1-on-1 coaching calls per month which will walk you by the hand to reverse your diabetes in 3 months.”

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