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Clutch Nails Brings the Ultimate Guide on How to Easily Remove Fake Nails Without Acetone

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Clutch Nails Brings the Ultimate Guide on How to Easily Remove Fake Nails Without Acetone

June 22
08:09 2021
Clutch Nails is one of the largest fake nails providers online. With an inventory of hundreds of nails, Clutch Nails provides satisfaction to the customers. Clutch Nails now introduces a blog explaining how one can easily remove fake nails at home. Moreover, this blog informs people how to remove artificial nails without using acetone, which is harmful to original nails.

USA – Removing fake nails requires going to a salon and asking for professional help. With the ongoing pandemic and closed salons, many women wonder how to take off acrylic nails at home. To answer that question, Clutch Nails brings a new blog. This blog serves as the ultimate guide on how one can remove acrylic nails. This guide also informs several alternatives to use instead of acetone. Acetone is a harmful chemical and its use should be avoided. Additionally, the blog also discusses methods on how to repair damaged nails and how to avoid getting them damaged.

One of the simplest ways to remove fake nails is using warm water. It can also be mixed with a few drops of soap, which further helps the loosening process of the nails. With the soap and warm water mix ready, soak the hands in it for about twenty minutes. With the hands in water, nails can also be nudged. Soak the nails for another ten minutes if the acrylic nails don’t come off.

Another alternative to this scenario is using an acetone-free nail polish remover. Not all nail polish removers have acetone. Some are free of acetone as well. Using an acetone-free nail polish remover does require a little effort as it can be a slow process. But in the end, the natural nails stay protected and unharmed.

Cuticle oil is yet another alternative that can serve as an alternative to acetone. Cuticle oil dripped in cotton balls, or a Q-tip can be placed on top of nails. For faster action, cotton can be wrapped around the nail. This process takes only a few minutes, producing amazing results. The cuticle oil loosens the acrylic nails and enables them to come off easily.

A final alternative to removing a fake nail is using dental floss. This method only works best if the nail is already a little loose. This method also requires assistance from another person. The floss can be moved back and forth beneath the fake nail. Eventually, the nail comes right off. It is possible to damage the natural nail with this method. So to heal this damage, simply apply cuticle oil or a healing lotion.

Clutch Nails has a vast array of acrylic nails available for online purchase. With nails varying in colors, sizes, types and shapes, women are in for a treat. Clutch Nails aims to provide the best quality fake nails that last long. For regular customers, Clutch Nails has a subscription package. This package allows the subscribers to receive a new set of nails at home every month.

Read the blog ‘How To Take Off Acrylic Nails At Home – Without Acetone?’ here: https://clutchnails.com/blogs/news/how-to-take-off-acrylic-nails-without-acetone

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