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Sustainable Pests Solves Homeowners Termite Problem in Raleigh

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Sustainable Pests Solves Homeowners Termite Problem in Raleigh

July 29
15:00 2022
Sustainable Pests Solves Homeowners Termite Problem in Raleigh

Each year termite damage costs U.S. homeowners billions of dollars. Affected homeowners in Raleigh, North Carolina, can pay an average of $3,000. The wood-and-paper-eating insects thrive on home building materials and, over time, can damage structural integrity. Termites are difficult for homeowners to detect, so damage can go unnoticed for years. It takes professionals to locate and effectively remove the insects. Pest control experts can teach homeowners how to discourage termite infestations and ensure their homes are not re-infested.

Termite Control Is Challenging

Unlike many pest problems, termite infestations are often invisible. Homeowners frequently do not recognize the signs even when they become apparent. Specialists like Sustainable Pest Systems can quickly locate the insects and their nests in homes.

Technicians use monitoring equipment that lets them know when and where infestations have occurred. They will then create a plan to eliminate all termites. 

Preventing Termite Infestations

Prevention is part of expert pest control services. Technicians educate homeowners so they can take steps to reduce the chances of attracting termites. Termite prevention can include: 

  • Eliminating wood that is in contact with soil 

  • Reducing water in crawl spaces

  • Preventing moisture from accumulating near a home’s foundation since water attracts termites and makes it easy for them to infest a home

  • Ensuring firewood is not stored against the house because termites use wood as a food source. 

  • Reducing the use of mulch

Signs of a Termite Problem 

Termite control professionals teach homeowners how to recognize signs that insects are present. Since it takes 3-5 years for damage to become evident,  homeowners already have an expensive problem by the time they recognize it. Following are some signs of a termite infestation: 

  • Painted walls peel and bubble 

  • Buckling ceilings and walls 

  • Maze-like configurations in wood 

  • Mud tunnels on the foundation 

  • Small holes in drywall due to insects burrowing  through 

  • Swarms of termites, usually in spring

Permanent Termite Control Solutions 

Whether homeowners want to ensure a home is termite-free or believe they already have termites, they can schedule a service call with professionals and get fast help. Once technicians identify a problem, they create a treatment plan to eliminate the problem. In some cases, professionals use chemical treatments, but eco-friendly options like Sentricon can also eliminate termites. 

A Sentricon baiting system attracts termites to a bait source and destroys the entire termite colony. It also minimizes the need to apply chemicals to the home environment. It’s a quick, efficient, earth-friendly method, an effective eco-friendly way to remediate a pest problem. Sustainable Pest Control can target specific pests without using chemicals that pollute the ecosystem.

Professional termite services are guaranteed and include a termite bond. If customers find any signs of termites in their homes after treatment, Sustainable Pest experts will resolve the issue. 

Sustainable Pest Systems is an award-winning pest control company serving Raleigh, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians provide family and eco-friendly services. We are a full-service company delivering exceptional customer service.

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