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What is the role of redispersible latex powder in bonding mortar?

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What is the role of redispersible latex powder in bonding mortar?

July 29
19:36 2022

Redispersible latex powder is a very important material in the production of bonding mortar, and it has important influences on the quality of bonding mortar. The main performance index of bonding mortar is tensile bond strength. Different redispersible latex powder dosages have different tensile bond strength. With the increase of redispersible latex powder dosage, mortars’ tensile bonding strength will firstly increase, then decrease and finally continue to increase.

The addition of redispersible powder can greatly improve the bonding strength and deformation resistance of mortar, improve the bonding force between mortar and substrate, greatly improve the anti-shedding ability of bonding mortar, and meet the requirements of mortar deformation caused by sudden temperature changes.

The flexibility and bond strength of adhesive mortar with redispersible polymer powder are also far better than ordinary mortar. The bonding strength of mortar with redispersible polymer powder is 2.33 times that of the ordinary mortar. The dry-wet cycle test proves that the bonding mortar has good weather resistance, stable performance and good durability. The cost performance of the bonding mortar is 2.17 times that of ordinary mortar. Meanwhile, redispersible latex powder also has certain water retention properties.

ADHES® RDP AP2080 is popular used in bonding mortar. It has the following performances:

• Excellent redispersion performance

• Improve the rheological and working performance of mortar

• Increase open time

• Improve the bonding strength

• Increase cohesive strength 

Good flexibility and impact resistance

• Reduce cracking

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