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One Family: Indivisible A Spiritual Memoir

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One Family: Indivisible A Spiritual Memoir

July 29
20:12 2022
One Family: Indivisible A Spiritual Memoir
One Family: Indivisible A Spiritual Memoir by Steven Greenebaum
A beautiful and earnest memoir urging readers to embrace different beliefs and climb the mountain to Interfaith unity

Grammar orders a language and makes it comprehensible. So grammar is vital. To deny that would be foolish.

But all the same, in spite of its importance, grammar carries no intrinsic meaning. This includes the grammar of our diverse spiritual paths. Whether or not we cover our heads when we pray, or what direction we face, or whether or not we cross ourselves — these diverse rituals and many others are all important markers of our spiritual traditions. They can help to focus us, to ground us. But as important as they are, in the end the rituals that order our spiritual paths and give them such a wonderful richness and individuality are simply grammar.

Excerpt from One Family: Indivisible

Do you remember the first moment you learned about the things that divide us? Race? Religion? In One Family: Indivisible, Steven Greenebaum shares his life story through the prism of spirituality.

Throughout our lives, we learn a million lessons from a million different experiences and each lesson shapes us. Greenbaum remembers the first moment of his childhood when he learned that “some people hate Jews.” He remembers falling out with his father because of how he wanted to live his life. He remembers the grief of losing far too many loved ones. And he remembers questioning God.

His religious crises led to a revelation. There is no correct or incorrect religion. There is only variety. This moment of understanding spurred him toward a new faith: Interfaith. The most magical part was, this new faith didn’t conflict with his pre-existing Jewish beliefs but rather encompassed them.

Throughout his life, Greenebaum felt he was called to action, and at a young age he learned that most doors won’t open unless you kick them open. This memoir catalogues a life spent working to break through the door to tolerance.

A powerful story for people of all religions, races, and creeds.

About the Author

Steven Greenebaum was the director of music at Evergreen UU for many years before leaving in order to pursue a new spiritual tradition, Interfaith. He has published numerous articles and two books, The Interfaith Alternative and Practical Interfaith, about his belief that world religions can find unity. 

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