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Youneeq AI Offers Artificial Intelligence solutions that Improve Customer Experience

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Youneeq AI Offers Artificial Intelligence solutions that Improve Customer Experience

September 20
05:31 2022

Youneeq AI is an AI solution provider that enables businesses to deliver a better customer experience. It does so by automating businesses’ website personalization and recommendations that can also be used for other channels. These include mobile, video, in-store, point-of-sale customer service, audio, and voice use cases. Typically, the AI automatically captures and analyzes behavior and content to serve the right content to the right person at the right time. This increased relevance has proven to increase engagement, lift conversion rates and generate higher revenue.

Answering a query, Murray Galbraith CEO said, “According to studies, implementing product customization software can enhance loyalty by keeping users on one’s website longer and luring them back for additional purchases. Additionally, they are more likely to post their creations on social media, which promotes engagement from new potential clients as word of mouth about one’s company, website and reputation spreads. The result is more website traffic, which encourages more sales.”

With Google and others phasing out third-party cookies from their browsers, the job of marketers is going to become more challenging. But worry no more as Youneeq AI is here to enable marketers to be ready for a cookieless world. It is a cookieless AI personalization engine and has been doing this cookieless thing for many years. Being AI-powered, it learns and grows the same way a person does, evolving and changing with individual users over time. Key components to its cookieless approach are getting data right and privacy & security. On privacy & security, Youneeq AI cookieless approach ensures that clients sit on the right side of existing and new consumer protection laws like GDPR and CCPA. Furthermore, with this approach, clients are also assured of superior individual customer experiences. So use AI for personalization today by getting the cookieless AI personalization engine.

Murray Galbraith CEO added, “Moreover, introducing product customization software to one’s eCommerce website can give them an advantage right away if their rivals offer few or no customization choices. For more insight, clients can contact us.”

Typically, Youneeq AI includes a cross-cloud data pipeline that is extensible enough to reliably solve most any data analytics challenge and has been proven out in one of the most demanding real-world scenarios. It is simple to install and works with most CMS’s and eCommerce platforms. The AI personalization engine has also proven to increase conversion rates up to 25 percent and as well as 5 to 15 percent higher revenue for clients. So, increase revenues, conversion rates, and new customer sign-ups today by installing the AI personalization engine. In addition, when it comes to cross channels, Youneeq AI is also designed to work in such environments. The AI personalization engine can maintain data and integrity across all digital touchpoints and channels, thus ensuring internet marketers get quality cross-channel data.

About Youneeq AI

Youneeq AI is an automated AI personalization engine that is quick and easy to implement. It does not require CRM data or complex customer journeys to work effectively.

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Youneeq AI

838 Fort St #100

Victoria BC V8W 1H8

Telephone: +1.866.515.0110

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://youneeqai.com/

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Company Name: Youneeq AI
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Phone: +1.866.515.0110
Address:838 Fort St #100
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