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Soli Revolutionizing Sleep Sound Industry with Soli Pillow

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Soli Revolutionizing Sleep Sound Industry with Soli Pillow

September 21
14:15 2022
From the creators of the popular Huggaroo, the Soli Pillow combines innovation and comfort to create a personal sound oasis for users.

Soli designs pillows and accessories allowing users to enjoy their solitude—anytime, anywhere—using active noise cancellation and high-quality headphones or earbuds. With products designed from the ground up as original innovations, Soli delivers high-quality goods with outstanding customer service.  

“We are on a mission to help you relax and sleep,” Soli founders said. “Sleep is so elusive in the 21st century. At Soli, we are passionate about creating innovative products that help you relax and sleep better.”

Soli’s founders, Drs. Martin and Wendy Jordanov are no strangers to creative, comfort-centric products. The pair has launched more than 30 products on three continents. 

Soli Pillow

The Soli Pillow offers wraparound comfort with built-in headphones. Users can relax comfortably in any sleeping position as they listen to their favorite music, podcasts, and sleep sounds. Whether one is plagued by noisy neighbors, traffic sounds, or barking dogs, Soli blocks and masks it so users can relax and sleep.

“The Soli Pillow has soft, silicone headphones. Sleep comfortably all night long in your personal sound oasis,” Dr. Wendy Jordanov said. 

EarBliss Pillow

For users who have earbuds they love but can’t use comfortably while sleeping, Soli has the EarBliss Pillow. Designed with an indentation to allow users to sleep on their sides while wearing earbuds, this pillow is a game changer for those who need ambient sound to sleep. Soli also offers Soli Earbuds with advanced active noise cancellation as a companion to the EarBliss Pillow. 

Meet the Soli Pillow

The Soli Pillow allows users to block external sounds and relax into sleep with soothing music or nature sounds. Comfortable in any sleeping position, the Soli Pillow lets users level up their headphones. 


Soli sleep products help users block out the surrounding noises and relax into a comfortable sleep. To learn more about Soli, visit the company’s website or reach out on social media at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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