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Open Automation Software Platform Accelerates IIoT-Led Manufacturing Transformation

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Open Automation Software Platform Accelerates IIoT-Led Manufacturing Transformation

September 22
02:57 2022
Open Automation Software continues to develop smart solutions that are revolutionizing the industries. The highly scalable OAS platform is driving smart manufacturing and helping manufacturers improve their operations. OAS is the leading industrial IoT automation company, offering customized solutions for various industries, including manufacturing. The OAS platform is deployed across industries to achieve secure networking solutions to move, monitor, and connect data.

Manufacturers are joining hands with OAS to reap the benefits of smart manufacturing. Industrial IoT holds immense potential to improve the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process. OAS platform is designed to enable smart manufacturing and big data processing.

OAS platform developer says, “Manufacturers are turning towards digital transformation to enhance their operations and supply chain. Industry 4.0 has enabled a way to convert raw, unstructured data into structured and valuable information. Our platform delivers sustainable, tangible benefits for manufacturers. We accelerate their digital transformation journey by facilitating end-to-end visibility of their manufacturing operations. IIoT applications, if deployed correctly, can significantly improve throughput and productivity. Our smart manufacturing platform enables collecting data from physical assets and spread across multiple locations.”

Industrial IoT is finding its way into industrial applications because it allows devices to connect and transfer data. Major plays in the manufacturing industries rely on the OAS platform to create a connected ecosystem. This platform enables higher integration of operational processes that results in higher productivity and less error. The experts at Open Automation Software are engaged in constantly upgrading their platform’s capabilities to take manufacturing to the next level of industrial transformation. They are distinguished for offering OPC, HMI, SCADA, and IoT technology services. Over the years, the OAS platform has empowered several businesses by realizing the complete potential of industrial automation.

OAS has become a partner in digital transformation for manufacturers. Incorporating the latest technology such as cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning into business processes allows the manufacturing industry to reduce manufacturing costs, maximize profits, prevent downtime, and improve product quality. IIoT-led manufacturing involves setting up a network of sensors to collect critical production data. The collected data is turned into valuable insights by using cloud software.

About the Company:

Open Automation Software is engaged in developing advanced IIoT solutions for more than 2 decades. The company offers highly advanced industrial IoT solutions that help businesses in moving data from one location to another. OAS has become a global name for OPC, HMI, SCADA, and IoT technology services. This scalable platform is deployed across industries to make data-driven, informed decisions. OAS platform is widely adopted by OEMs to streamline their production lines and inventory management, as well as ensure the security and safety of systems.

For more information and details, please visit https://openautomationsoftware.com/

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