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10,000㎡ LED Canopy by Sansi Officially Put Into Use in Shanghai Stadium

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10,000㎡ LED Canopy by Sansi Officially Put Into Use in Shanghai Stadium

September 22
21:54 2022

Shanghai Stadium, which is better known by its another name – 80,000-person stadium, has been regarded a symbol of the sports culture in this international metropolis. This stadium with an area of 170,000m2 has hosted major events such as the 8th National Games, the 2007 Women’s World Cup, and the 2008 Olympic Games, creating a unique memory in the hearts of Shanghai people.


Recently, this landmark stadium has been fully upgraded and rejuvenated. In this renovation project, the most eye-catching design is the LED canopy with a display area of nearly 10,000 square meters provided by Shanghai Sansi. This giant LED canopy composed of mesh displays is a rare architectural design among sports venues at home and abroad.


The 10,000m2 LED canopy manufactured by Sansi for Shanghai Stadium is a “Big Mac” level in the field of LED display projects. The huge screen is designed following the outline of the stadium. When night falls and the canopy lights up, it seems like a dragon hovering over the sports field. The highly interactive LED display with strong visual impact echoes the feverish atmosphere inside the stadium. Under the influence of sounds and optoelectronic technology, all the spectators in the stadium can be immersed in the shock and charm brought by sports.


Design Philosophy

LED display has gradually become an essential facility for the construction of modern stadiums. In addition to the normal applications such as broadcasting and timing scoring, the commercial value is also more and more discussed and explored. In such a super-large venue as the Shanghai Stadium, a LED canopy is undoubtedly a good choice for delivering commercial messages, enhancing the atmosphere of the competition, and achieving a certain propaganda purpose.


Technical Highlights

A saddle-shaped large cantilevered steel structure has been installed above the auditorium of Shanghai Stadium. The narrow space and the design of the circular outer ring and the oval inner ring increases the difficulty of the construction of the LED canopy, which put high demands  whether on the product quality, system control, or maintenance works. The LED canopy provided by Sansi has superior quality, which can resist a variety of natural disasters and safety accidents. With 29 years of experiences in LED display, Sansi has successfully completed this project with a series of technical highlights.


Ultra-large display area

The total installation area of the LED canopy nearly reaches 10,000m2, which is a rare in the field of sports venues.

Superior quality to withstand a variety of accidents

Natural disasters and sudden accidents are big tests for the quality of the outdoor LED display. Sansi LED canopy adopts special structure design which has undergone extreme temperature tests, salt spray tests, air pressure tests and other multiple inspections, ensuring to operate steadily in harsh environments or climates.

Self-developed control system

The LED canopy adopts the broadcast control system independently developed by Sansi. The optical fiber transmission solves the problem of long-distance on-site signal transmission. In addition, the display is also equipped with dual backup signal receiving modules, breakpoint and power resume function which helps to ensure the stability.

Light cabinet, suitable for air installation and operation

It’s a great challenge to install and maintain such a large screen at a height of more than 70 meters. The cabinet of the display modules provided by Sansi is light and slim, wind-resistant and shock-resistant, which can well overcome the difficulties of load-bearing and environmental impact.

Customized maintenance method, reducing maintenance costs

Sansi customized a unique maintenance method for the stadium according to the structure of the stadium, which not only greatly saves the installation space and maintenance cost of the product, but also enables the canopy to be integrated with the surrounding architectural environment naturally.

4K HD display quality, superb visual effects

The canopy supports 4K resolution, showing a seamless splicing ultra-high-definition image and creating a magnificent visual feast.

Including Shanghai Stadium, Sansi LED display series products have been successfully applied to several well-known sports venues such as Xi’an Olympic Sports Center, Wuhan Sports Center, Shenyang Olympic Sports Center, Suzhou Olympic Sports Center, Hangzhou Asian Games E-sports Center, etc. In the future, Shanghai Sansi will continue to provide professional LED display technical support for the construction of stadiums and sports events.

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