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Emovie Presents an ICO in the Media Industry for the First Time.

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Emovie Presents an ICO in the Media Industry for the First Time.

September 23
02:06 2022

EMovie is a global movie production and distribution house that dreams of expanding its sectors far and wide. We have a team that tirelessly works for the benefit of society and the media world. We have introduced a revolutionary aspect of ICO in the media and OTT industries that have never been in the picture before. A completely new form of raising funds that not only benefit the investors but the entire society too.

What is an ICO? Think of it as an IPO on steroids. Investors receive digital tokens rather than shares in a corporation. As a result, ICOs are also known as token offers, token crowdfunding, and so on. These token generation and distribution activities occur on blockchains, and anyone with cryptocurrencies can participate in the ICO.

Emovie Token ICO launched on 20th September, 2022

Advantages of an ICO:

1. Diverse availability of tokens on the Emovie ICO platform

Token sales are different from equity sales in a large-scale IPO. Initial public offerings are subject to strict requirements under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. A token launch is analogous to the sale of digital assets.

A person with a net worth exceeding $1 million is generally barred from participating in an IPO. Tokens, especially Emovie tokens in an initial coin offering (ICO), on the other hand, can be sold to anyone because most purchases are anonymous.

2. Going global with Emovie’s ICO

An ICO allows international investors to invest in the new currency. In many cases, digital money transfers into project coin / token offerings are a global endeavor. For example, if an IPO account received hundreds of wire transactions in minutes, the assets would most certainly be frozen. On the other hand, token sales paid for with digital cryptocurrency are always available.

3. Emovie ICO and token economy liquidity

An ICO token gains value when sold. This value exists freely in a global, 24-hour marketplace. It is very different from the equity in an IPO. Sometimes it takes a decade for IPO investments to become exciting. But tokens can be purchased instantly.

With the same funds, “shareholders” can participate in new ICOs thanks to the token economy liquidity premium. As a result, the economy grows faster, and funds are more liquid.

Tokenomics :

For the Emovie ICO public sale, the token will be valued at 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion initially) 

Emovie Token Burns will be around 25 percent or 250 Billion. This policy is divided into three stages:

The balance of 750 Billion Emovie tokens will be available through public sale in three stages, and each step will have 250 Billion tokens.

Pricing of the Emovie token:

ü  Stage 1: $ 0.000015

ü  Stage 2: $ 0.00015

ü  Stage 3: $ 0.0015 

Advantages to the investors:

1. Hassle-free and paperless

For investors, the EMovie ICO platform will be a paperless process and require no initial paperwork. This is a fast and efficient process.

2. Diverse Participation

With Emovie’s ICO, investors from different strata of life can get an outstanding opportunity to participate and invest in tokens.

3. Purchases are anonymous

With the newly launched ICO, tokens can be sold to anyone, and the purchases are unknown.

4. Buyback and Burn

With the Emovie token and ICO, there is a buyback and burn option so that in the future, price stability can be maintained in the market.

5. Payments and investments are secure

Using the Emovie token in the ICO platform will ensure that the payments made are secure with advanced blockchain technology and that no third party can interfere or cause a breach of privacy policies.

 6. Community Satisfaction

ICO ventures rely on blockchain-based decentralized finance (Defi) systems. These initiatives require an engaged investor community to flourish. Building a solid community is thus critical to success. They can assist you in developing a strong crypto community.

At Emovie, we pledge to give back to the community. Therefore, out of the 10 percent fees, we keep only 4 percent as a transaction fee, 4 percent as a return to the token holder, and 2 percent as liquidity.

Thus, Emovie Token is the first of its kind to release an ICO for the media industry. A one-time offer for early investors. We are confident that the price of the token is set to increase to record highs.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084917997448

Telegram: https://t.me/EMovieToken

Twitter : https://twitter.com/EmovieToken

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