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The Clean Life – A Cleaning Service With A Heart

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The Clean Life – A Cleaning Service With A Heart

October 26
11:58 2022

Keeping families safe from sickness and disease has been an ongoing issue, even before COVID-19.

When the pandemic started, it emphasized just how important this daily battle is, in keeping homes free from harmful bacteria and viruses.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of cleaning, and the type of cleaning needed for each home is different. Couples who have children, pets, or family members with allergies have to make more effort in thinking about the kind of cleaning they need to do in their homes.

This situation rang true for Rebecca Jones, (or Beckii as she is known to many), who, 5 years ago, had just returned to health from a 2 year chronic illness called POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).

After Beckii had recovered, she was not only very particular about cleanliness in her home but she also had to consider how the cleaning products she used would affect her health and the health of her young family.

Luckily, Beckii was already an avid fan of all-natural products and had met Michelle (the owner and founder of Counter Culture) at an organic trade show, and had been stocking Michelle’s products in her online store (The Organic Butler) for years.

She had found the balance between keeping her family safe from bacteria and viruses, while also keeping them safe from the effects of toxic chemical products.

The Clean Life: Humble Beginnings

Even before The Clean Life, Beckii already had a deep understanding of the plight of mothers and the worries they had about keeping their families safe. In the past, Beckii ran two volunteer community groups to support other mums.This was when she started thinking that she would be best suited to work in an industry that could help mums.

When Beckii was looking for a way to support her growing family and considering her options, Ray had encouraged Beckii to start her own cleaning business with the use of natural products.

He reassured Beckii that with the experience she had in creating communities and her knowledge in using natural products, the idea wasn’t too farfetched. Beckii had been keeping their own home clean while also taking care of their children so Ray believed she could definitely show people that they don’t need toxic cleaning products to clean!

So, Beckii created The Clean Life.

For a while, it was just Beckii cleaning homes on her own, with Ray’s help from time to time, then relatives and close friends helped her, until the business grew enough to have multiple teams of cleaners in different areas.

Surprisingly for Beckii, this happened in the first year.

Beckii found an opportunity in The Clean Life to be able to connect and communicate directly with mothers just like her again, to empathize with them, and bring change into their lives through cleaning.

She had a real insight into their lives, and realized how intimate a job cleaning was/is and how much value she was providing to these homes.

“I realized one day after hearing how my cleaning had changed my clients life, I wasn’t JUST a cleaner. I was the person responsible for giving that beautiful, vulnerable, and real woman her life back. She now had time to spend with her partner and her children, to pursue her dreams of opening a business, or even just to read a book!! She was a person again. Not just someone doing all the chores every week!”, Beckii reminisced.

A cleaning service with a heart

Aside from business growth, The Clean Life’s purpose evolved from something that was just meant to generate income.

As the business grew, so did Beckii’s purpose and connection with her clients. She started to have an understanding of why the cleaning industry really exists and she discovered what it really meant to make clients the center of everything they do.

The Clean Life wasn’t just a “side gig” for her to earn anymore. It became a way for her to really extend help to families because she really understood the reason why people reach out for support from cleaners – to be able to make more time for things that really mattered to them.

She believed that the challenge in the business part is clarity. She loved having the opportunity to help others so she communicated with the clients and constantly improved how to provide the cleaning service.

“If someone doesn’t understand something, that is on me to make sure that I am more clear next time,” Beckii emphasized. 

Building a team

Beckii strived to be an employer who cares. She speaks to all her members everyday and meets with the team every month. They set goals that are focused on creating personal and interpersonal relationships. She always teaches her staff to improve as individuals. The staff are always rewarded for the ‘little moments that matter like having someone else’s back on the team. The Clean Life aims to create a culture of care even within its members, and the space to continue to grow and learn everyday. These qualities are what Beckii looks for in her team and is the reason why many say positive things about the cleaners of The Clean Life.

Maintaining a reputation of quality, honesty, and integrity

The Clean Life, Beckii says, has become an entity of its own and commands heart, care, and authenticity. She ensures that they have have integrity in all they do.

It is a job that requires honesty in every part of the business – from being able to manage expectations and clients’ needs, providing absolute clarity in the estimation process, to booking jobs and having enough staff to fulfill the schedule.

Always thinking ahead is also important – strategizing and planning for disaster to strike (as it often does especially with COVID), having staff that can be trusted, having staff that are teachable and that will maintain the business vision, staff that have genuine care, and having admins that keep everything running smoothly.

Beckii is changing the way that people view mothers at home. She truly believes society needs to change and realize mums are burnt out and exhausted. They need to find themselves again (preferably BEFORE their children move out of home).

And she believes the way to do that is to have some help. It’s okay to ask for support. It’s okay to accept it. And it’s okay to take some time for things that matter.

Not only clients sing the praises of The Clean Life. It is the way Beckii operates the business with heart and a non-competitive nature that other local cleaning companies seek her advice and guidance. Since 2021 she has also mentored cleaning companies all over the world, to help them lead by heart, and grow their business with compassion, and crystal clear clarity and communication.

About The Clean Life

Currently, The Clean Life cleans for 100-120 clients a week – a combination of regulars, irregulars, and new clients – and a consistent waiting list.

Beckii is managing around 30-35 staff at any one time, which consists of 2 managers, 2 admins, 14 team leaders, 14 cleaners and new additions arriving every week.

The Clean Life offers their services to all types of people: business women who do not have the time to keep their home clean, mothers who are overwhelmed by many responsibilities, NDIS carers, participants, aged care clients, and their families, and many more!

The Clean Life aims to bring peace, order, and calm into every home.

There are currently 5 types of services that The Clean Life offers:

– Carpet Cleaning

Couch Cleaning

– Vacate/End-of-Lease Cleaning (including packing/unpacking)

NDIS Cleaning

Spring Cleaning.

These services also have sub-items (like window cleaning, wall cleaning, oven cleaning, and organization), which potential or existing clients can request at any time!

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is managed by Feelin’ Fresh, a partner service that Ray, Beckii’s partner, manages. Whether it’s an end-of-lease clean, or just to freshen up carpets and couches, Ray will leave everything feeling brand new again. He provides steam cleaning that ensures a deep clean and he does his absolute best to remove stains from the client’s carpets.

Couch Cleaning

The Clean Life cleaning services is a trusted brand in upholstery and carpet cleaning that provides solutions for many different kinds of fabrics, with deep couch cleaning methods that dry in less than six hours. They have a team of upholstery cleaning experts who uses cleaning methods and cleaning solutions that ensure fabric protection like any other cleaning company.

NDIS Cleaning

The owner, Beckii, has a son supported by NDIS, which gives her extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the NDIS. When it comes to cleaning for NDIS participants, The Clean Life deeply understands the sometimes complex needs of their clients including various sensitivities to the environment. They vary their cleaning to accommodate specific needs like scent-free cleaning, or the reduction of noise by working in other areas of the home, and ultimately noticing and working to what is most comfortable for their clients.

Vacate Cleaning

The Clean Life offers an entire suite of services that assist clients with moving home. The Clean Life offers a cleaning package that suits high detail vacate cleaning requirements of real estate agents and property managers. Their professional end-of-lease cleaners will leave the home looking clean and smelling fresh. They have the experience and they work off strict end-of-lease guidelines to make sure the property looks just as good (and most times better!) than it was on the day they moved in.

Spring Cleaning

The Clean Life can help bring back peace and reduce overwhelm at home. Their staff are well-trained in providing high-quality and detailed cleans to ensure every nook and cranny is cleaned, and that dust and build-up are taken care of. The team can help bring homes to a maintenance standard that will help keep cleaning tasks minimal, and much easier to accomplish on a regular basis.

Beckii and The Clean Life has been operating for more than 5 years, and in that span of time, has gained thousands of reviews – with the majority being 5 star ratings!

Many lives have been changed through their all-natural and eco-friendly cleans which can be seen in the many reviews they have received on their facebook page and on google.

The Clean Life is looking forward to helping more families find “me” time and quality time with one another, as they know their service will ultimately bring positive change not only in their clients’ homes but also in their lives!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thiscleanlife/

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