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30 Years of success: Polly Industries is now one of the leading producers of specialty and fine chemicals in India.

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30 Years of success: Polly Industries is now one of the leading producers of specialty and fine chemicals in India.

January 16
22:24 2023

The market for specialty and fine chemicals is developing due to the rising need for high- performance and function-specific chemicals across a variety of end-use sectors.

Additionally, this goes hand in hand with the fresh advancements that the market is seeing as a result of the incorporation of modern technologies. Additionally, during the past few years, Indian industries have become less dependent on China for chemical intermediates. With the introduction of new technologies and significant investment in R&D, the Specialty Chemical industry in India has been growing quickly over the past few years. A significant portion of the transformation has been driven  by sustainability and cost reduction. 

According to a Crisil analysis, the Indian Specialty Chemicals industry will grow faster than its Chinese equivalent and quadruple its market share to 6 percent by 2026 from 3-4 percent in fiscal 2021. In line with the opportunities presented by this sector, Polly Industries was established in the year 1995 to cater to this industry. With 28 years of experience in the production of tried-and-true specialty chemicals including auxiliaries for various industries such as textiles, paper, sugar, water treatment, laundry, and personal care amongst others, Polly Industries is one of the top manufacturers of chemicals and specialty chemicals in India.

Since this sector is not a much-touched area for every customer that’s why customers face numerous problems. Customers have been very vocal about their dissatisfaction with product prices, which they consider to be four to five times more than what was first estimated for them. “Our strategy revolves around solving this persistent challenge by way of educating customers about new age products which may be priced higher but bring down the overall costs significantly. In addition to being delivered at substantially higher concentrations to reduce dosages, newer products also save significantly on logistical costs due to lower numbers”, says Arun Gunaki, Chairperson. 

Payal Gunaki (CEO) stated that the company strives to be a one stop shop for sustainable chemicals across all industrial segments. It is already a well-known brand in industry segments of textiles, laundry, pulp and paper, mining, sugar, foods and agriculture, paints and inks and many more verticals.

“Additionally, we are producing several intermediate products, which assist other chemical manufacturers in lowering production loads. We customize our products to suit the process of every customer. We have been focusing on best process control, production efficiencies, and customer engagement for assurance and have been adopting several six sigma and lean principle-based practices”, speaks Dr. Anubhav Gupta, Head-Sales & Marketing. 

Being a specialty Chemicals company, it has a lot of talent pool with a chemical background, analytics, research, marketing, and logistic specialists. 

The company was the brainchild of Arun Gunaki, who came to Pune in the 1980s. The company has two liquid and solid production facilities. It has many reactors and automation systems for its 200+ goods. Analyzing the automation system’s enormous data bank helps research and quality teams get the best results. The company started with manufacturing dye fixing agents and further developed the entire range of products required for textile processing. 

The entire team works in synchronization from multiple locations thus giving us an edge in multi-geographical adaptation and language set as well. The company has a nationwide presence through its distributive network. The company has a footprint in all states and UTs in India. 

Future Roadmap: The market is poised to grow exponentially in the coming future. Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals played a key role in the industrial revolution of the 19th century. In such circumstances, chemicals will always carry the flame. The company is pleased to have contributed to the chemical component that is a part of every product manufactured or consumed. By the year 2030, Polly Industries wants to be the world’s leading producer of specialized chemicals and intermediates of the highest quality with applications in the key industrial sectors.

The company started with textiles and now serves more than 12 industrial segments with bulk supplies. It has widespread footprints in India and other Asian countries and is targeting global presence within this decade. 

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