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Infinite Minds: Helping To Ensure BIPOC Speakers Are Fairly Represented And Paid

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Infinite Minds: Helping To Ensure BIPOC Speakers Are Fairly Represented And Paid

January 25
01:49 2023

Dr. Muria Nisbett, co-founder of Infinite Minds, is an army combat veteran, two-times bestselling author and a BIPOC inclusivity advocate. Her platform, Infinite Minds is one of the first platforms that focuses exclusively on amplifying the voices of BIPOC speakers.

 Dr. Nisbett, along with Belinda Richard, created Infinite Minds with the goal of ending the cycle of BIPOC speakers being asked to speak for free or being underpaid for their knowledge and expertise. This new platform is created to end the norm of expecting exposure through speaking opportunities as a means of compensation for BIPOC speakers and experts.

Infinite Minds provides a much-needed shift away from traditional speaking engagements by offering a wider range of paid opportunities for BIPOC speakers. They are committed to increasing representation and providing equitable opportunities for these experts, so that their knowledge and expertise is properly valued and fairly compensated.

The launch of this platform marks an exciting new chapter in the efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in speaking engagements for BIPOC industry experts. At Infinite Minds, they believe that, by providing a platform exclusively dedicated to promoting and amplifying BIPOC voices, they can help create a more equitable future for all. By procuring paid opportunities with fair rates and terms, Infinite Minds guarantees that these speakers’ knowledge, skills, and expertise will be recognized and rewarded with the respect that they deserve.

In addition, it offers unprecedented access to diverse networks not available elsewhere. By connecting businesses and organizations with qualified speakers who have valuable insight into marginalized communities, Infinite Minds provides an invaluable service which can help increase awareness and understanding in today’s globalized world.

Organizations looking for highly skilled diverse speakers for conferences, panel discussions, keynotes and consultations or those seeking to connect with qualified professionals from BIPOC communities can browse through the talent pool at Infinite Minds and find experts from various industries.

To learn more about Infinite Minds, visit https://infinite-minds.org.

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