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Why House Hunters Are Building New Homes in Raleigh NC according to Realtimecampaign.com

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Why House Hunters Are Building New Homes in Raleigh NC according to Realtimecampaign.com

March 07
07:15 2023
Why House Hunters Are Building New Homes in Raleigh NC according to Realtimecampaign.com

North Carolina’s housing market has been hot for sellers in the last few years. The price of existing homes increased so rapidly that buyers often were priced out of the market. At the same time, rents skyrocketed, and many people were forced to move. With these issues in mind, many Raleigh citizens opt to build new homes because it makes the most sense. Experienced area contractors build custom, high-quality homes ideally suited to owners’ needs.  

New Construction May Be the Affordable Choice

Existing homes have been selling for historically high prices, so bargains are far and few between. Existing houses that would have been considered average a few years ago are going for premium prices. Costs can rise even higher if prospective buyers get into a bidding war with other interested parties. 

In contrast, builders often construct communities in several areas around Raleigh and offer floorplans for homes in various price ranges. Buyers can choose a home that fits their budget. Contractors provide images and details for various models on their websites. When customers see this page, they get an idea of possible options that suit their needs. 

Everything in the Home Is New 

No matter how beautifully maintained an existing home may be, there is a good chance it will need repairs or work after new owners move in. Building a home eliminates the issue because everything is new. Owners can enjoy their homes for several years without worry.

Professionals such as  Davidson Homes turn clients’ ideal homes into reality. Designers alter standard floor plans, styles, and amenities. When a house is finished, it is precisely what the owner wants, down to the finishing touches.

Instead of spending weekends on home upkeep, owners have free time, according to realtimecampaign.com. A bumper-to-bumper warranty covers most items in a new house for at least a year. Mechanicals are warranted for two years. New roofs can be expected to last for more than twenty years. 

Building a home is a chance for owners to design their dream house. No matter how charming an existing home may be, it rarely has everything a buyer wants, so many owners spend money altering properties. With new construction, those owners choose the elements they want.

Customers Get Quality Workmanship

An article discussing Raleigh real estate recently proclaimed, “North Carolina city ranked 2nd in US for biggest increases in housing prices.” But these high prices don’t always equate with high quality when buyers choose an existing home. Even the most thorough pre-sale inspection can miss issues new owners may need to correct.  

Soon after closing, owners can encounter surprise HVAC problems, hidden flooring damages, appliance issues, and roof leaks. Sometimes, inspectors can’t access every area, preventing them from locating complications. In contrast, owners know precisely the quality of workmanship that goes into their new home. 

Many North Carolina residents are constructing new homes to ensure they get exactly what they want. Building a home can be a wise financial investment when compared to the high cost of buying an existing house. Contractors offer designs in various price ranges and ensure quality workmanship.  


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