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Live a Joyful and Satisfying Life with Janéa L. Smith’s Course for Those Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

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Live a Joyful and Satisfying Life with Janéa L. Smith’s Course for Those Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

April 06
21:00 2023

Janéa L. Smith, a certified nutrition specialist and Hypothyroidism coach, is proud to announce the launch of her new course, the ‘ThyFit System’. Janéa designed this course to help those struggling with hypothyroidism take control of their lives, and enjoy a more satisfying life with their loved ones.

For over 20 years Janéa lived with hypothyroidism, dealing with its frustrating symptoms that included weight fluctuation, fatigue, and an overall feeling of being unwell, which negatively impacted her life on a daily basis. She tried countless books, videos and tutorials but nothing worked for her. It wasn’t until she applied her knowledge of nutrition, to develop strategies that she was able to start seeing results.

The ‘ThyFit System’ is a program that consists of interactive sessions full of information and exercises to help those living with hypothyroidism better understand the condition, and how they can use it as an opportunity to flourish rather than being held back by it. The course focuses on teaching participants how to manage their symptoms holistically through diet and lifestyle changes, while providing emotional support during the process – this condition can be emotionally draining at times. Janéa has also created an online community on FacebookTM where people suffering from hypothyroidism can share their stories, and find support from other members.

The goal of ‘ThyFit System’ is for participants to walk away with a deeper understanding of their bodies, the effects of different foods on thyroid levels, body energy, mindset and other needs, so they can make informed decisions about their health in the long run. Also, the course helps people feel empowered by taking control of their lives again, despite any challenges or limitations they face due to hypothyroidism.

Janéa is thrilled to be able to offer people valuable tools on how they too can live a more joyful and satisfying life, despite their hypothyroidism diagnosis.

To get more information about Janéa L Smith and her ‘ThyFit System’, visit https://www.thyfit.com/.

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