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The Complexities Of The Human Mind Minimally Described In One Book

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The Complexities Of The Human Mind Minimally Described In One Book

April 07
03:51 2023
The Complexities Of The Human Mind Minimally Described In One Book

The Human Paradigmis a recent release by the author Dan Appleton. This man has researched and learned all about the wonders of the human mind for almost 60 years and has compiled the complexities it brings along in one book. Though the human mind can not possibly be compressed into one book, the attempt, however, is absolutely marvelous.

The contents of this book are sure to make you question your physical form and how your brain is the one that controls everything. You exist in the human mind and have the power to hallucinate and imagine things into existence. How can you be so sure of the fact that this life is not an imagination of the mind itself? How can we be so sure that we are more than what our mind is?

This book also pays keen attention to what the world has come to and how we have evolved over the years. Not only have we created electronic media, but we are now victims of its technology. We are being controlled by a much greater power than the normal human is not aware of. It also mentions the fact that if we continue to live life in the same way, we will lose what we are in our true nature. We will stop being Homo Sapiens, and our existence will be compressed to being less than nothing. We are falling victim to our minds being controlled, and we do not realize it.

“humans will gradually change first one of their features and then another, and another, until they will no longer be human. They will no longer be Sapiens. They will become Homo Ad Unum.”

The book starts with an intellectual approach and ends on the same note. A compilation that will certainly spark curiosity and make the reader question how they live their life.

Book Name: Our Language Gene
Author Name: Dan Appleton
ISBN Number: 978-1915919168
Ebook Version: Click Here
Paperback Version: Click Here

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