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Bitcoin and WEB3BOX in the fearful banking crisis

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Bitcoin and WEB3BOX in the fearful banking crisis

April 07
14:46 2023

Recently, the global financial market has not been very stable, and Bitcoin, which has been strongly correlated with US stocks in recent years, has rarely “decoupled”, with data showing that the correlation between Bitcoin and US stocks has reached a 20-month low and has moved into an independent trend. Most opinions currently believe that this is related to a series of banking crises triggered by Silicon Valley Bank’s thunderstorm, and crypto opinion leaders even call the banking crisis the fuse for the bull market.

Bank run: wealth with nowhere to go.

In the past month, Silicon Valley Bank, with an asset size of $209 billion, and Signature Bank, with an asset size of $11 billion, have become the second and third largest bank failures in US history. This was followed by a thunderbolt in Europe, with the fifth largest financial group in the world, Swiss Credit Bank, Switzerland’s second largest bank. Although bank failures are not new, at least 500 banks have failed in the US since 2000, but several large-scale thunderbolts in one month are very rare. For most people, whether it is vicious inflation, financial storms, or interest rate hikes, bank failures should never happen as banks are the safest and most reliable wealth custodians. But all this came so unexpectedly.

People all over the world have started to worry that their deposits may be squeezed, which has added to the pressure on the already struggling banking industry, especially in Europe and America. Small and medium-sized banks are particularly affected. This is the current situation of the banking industry.

People are now beginning to allocate assets with safety as the priority, and some funds are being dispersed into some safe assets due to the consideration of not putting all eggs in one basket, which has driven the surge of Bitcoin and WEB3BOX. This is also why many people say that Bitcoin’s safe-haven properties are beginning to show…


On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto left a sentence in the Bitcoin Genesis Block: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”, which was the headline of the front page article (on January 3, 2009, the Chancellor was on the brink of implementing a second emergency bank rescue).

That’s right, it was the same night of the last storm in the banking industry, after the Washington Mutual Bank bankruptcy case in 2008, Bitcoin was born with the mission of “freely saving banks”. At that time, according to the Bitcoin white paper released by Satoshi Nakamoto, people saw a solution to protect individual assets from the consequences of bank control of currency supply and arbitrary policy, and some people also considered it the greatest social experiment in human history.

Bitcoin is not only an asset with one attribute. As digital gold, it has a hedging attribute. As a digital currency, it has a speculative attribute. When the risk preference sentiment is high, the highly volatile and speculative Bitcoin can be a good target. The current boost of Bitcoin is a subtle risk aversion sentiment brought about by the banking crisis; when the risk preference sentiment is stable, WEB3BOX, which has stable returns and huge arbitrage opportunities at the same time, is the best choice.



WEB3BOX is a completely innovative DeFi Mystery box project, funded and operated independently in the form of DAO by top blockchain teams in the crypto circle. Users can get digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, $WT (WEB3BOX ecological token), as well as high-value NFTs such as Otherdeed, Sandbox, and Meebits in WEB3BOX.

The initial 3000 Genesis Mystery Boxes contain 15% of the total $WT, which is 1 billion, so 15% is 150 million. The Genesis Mystery Box can be opened with a minimum of 30,000 $WT and a maximum of 10 million $WT, with an estimated value of between 2500 USDT and 100,000 USDT. After the 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes are sold out, $WT will be listed on the exchange, with an estimated price of 1 $WT = 0.1 USDT. The airdrop has been ongoing and 430 Genesis Mystery Boxes have been successfully sold.

Don’t miss this one in a million chance of being airdropped to WEB3BOX-PASS! Out of the 3 million users on OpenSea, only 10,000 wallets have been targeted for airdrops and once the 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes are sold out, all WEB3BOX-PASS will be automatically invalidated. The value of $WT will increase with the difficulty of acquisition, and early holders of $WT will enjoy the bonus of price appreciation. For those who are not airdropped to WEB3BOX-PASS, they can choose other mysterious Mystery boxes from WEB3BOX with 100% winning rate.

To ensure absolute fairness in the process of opening BOX, WEB3BOX will use a hash algorithm that cannot be reversed to ensure that the unboxing process is tamper-proof. The calculated value is the prize of this unboxing. For example: User A opens the WEB3BOX-Plus box, User A’s “My Seed” is “WEB3BOX”, the opening time point is UTC time 2023-03-03 06:01:23.563, corresponding timestamp 1677823283563, then use sha256 to calculate “WEB3BOX1677823283563”, the calculated hash value is 036b40c52a8f70b48ed4197dc4c36d181c1c208f78382ca1deb0497dce9ccf97; Finally, take the first 5 digits of the hash value, 036b4, convert to decimal to get the prize value: 14004, if 14004 is within the range of OtherDeed’s prizes, User A will get the corresponding OtherDeed NFT.

Learn more: WEB3BOX.io

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