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JEMSU, The Top SEO And Digital Marketing Agency In Los Angeles, Is Partnering With Local Businesses To Boost Their Traffic And Sales Conversions

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JEMSU, The Top SEO And Digital Marketing Agency In Los Angeles, Is Partnering With Local Businesses To Boost Their Traffic And Sales Conversions

April 07
21:12 2023
Equipped with a team of SEO experts, JEMSU Los Angeles excels at increasing traffic, visibility, and sales to local businesses. The innovative approach taken by JEMSU builds customer loyalty, growing companies naturally.

In Los Angeles, the name JEMSU is synonymous with excellence in SEO or search engine optimization. Founded in 2009, this SEO and digital marketing agency has dedicated years researching search engine optimization and the best way to utilize it to its full potential. This extensive research has resulted in a unique and expert approach to SEO and digital marketing, giving JEMSU the title of the top SEO and digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. Their work with local businesses and marketing firms works to grow sales naturally by increasing traffic and conversions and increasing customer loyalty.  

How JEMSU utilizes SEO to provide the best results for Los Angeles businesses 

JEMSU takes a multi-faceted approach when building a business’s website traffic with SEO. They begin with local SEO. Local search engine optimization is when a business with a brick-and-mortar location appears in someone’s Google search as a close company that can provide what that person is looking for.  

One of the best examples is the typical “restaurants near me” search many people make when deciding what to eat. JEMSU utilizes local SEO to move businesses up that Google list so that more people see them and click on their website. JEMSU also ensures that critical information, such as the business address on Google Maps, shows up when one searches for them.  

JEMSU also builds a personalized SEO strategy for each business. The same keywords, platforms, and ideas won’t work for different companies. Each one needs a unique approach. SEO content writing is a crucial piece of the strategy. Keywords utilized in content must make sense and promote the business with SEO as best as possible. JEMSU creates this content to fit with the plan.  

Along with that content comes link-building. Keywords can be linked back to the original website, not only putting a business higher up on the Google search but also ensuring any other site that discusses this business has a link back to them. The more links back to the website there are out there, the more traffic will naturally come to the company, leading to more sales. 

Technical SEO is applied to the website, ensuring it’s structured and appropriately coded for using SEO. This is yet another part of the strategy JEMSU applies as they delve deep into the code itself to make sure every aspect of it aids in providing results.  


JEMSU focuses on not only providing the perfect strategy for each business to get additional traffic but also converting more of those visitors into customers. Each client they work with receives detailed and up-to-date campaign progress to keep them in the loop every step of the way.  

Any business looking to work with JEMSU can reach out for a free analysis of their current SEO, as well as a proposal for a new strategy.  

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