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Meet Ailey, the Next Generation AI-Powered Virtual Human with a Personality

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Meet Ailey, the Next Generation AI-Powered Virtual Human with a Personality

April 07
21:21 2023

As the world becomes more immersed in the metaverse, the emergence of virtual influencers seems inevitable. With the ability to capture audiences and create buzz, virtual influencers are becoming a hot topic in the marketing world. Project Ailey, the first AI-powered virtual human on Avalanche top-tier network, is a prime example of a virtual influencer. With her cross-border appeal, she has become a notable figure in social media, but there is something intriguing about her that captivates audiences.

Ailey’s unique appearance is crafted with cutting-edge technology that pushes the boundaries of realism. According to Project Ailey’s official website, the system will utilize a random appearance generator consisting of over 500 factors resulting in the creation of more than 1,000,000,000 different appearances for Ailey. During the minting phase, Ailey’s appearance is saved as NFT metadata, resulting in a distinctive and diverse appearance that is truly one of a kind. These appearance factors have been developed to create an almost infinite number of diverse looks and through extensive research and development, the development team of Ailey has been able to achieve a level of visual accuracy and diversity.

But it’s not just about the looks – Ailey is rendered real-time with its own physics-based skin system that enables accurate depictions of skin, hair, and flesh movements, previously difficult to express in traditional characters. Ailey is a truly unique and dynamic character with her own personality and lifestyle. Each Ailey is born with a distinctive set of tastes, desires, and values, and even the same situation can elicit different reactions from her. Her personality can evolve and change over time through interactions with her “agent”, allowing her to become an even more realistic character. 

She lives in the Aileyverse – a metaverse space where she communicates with the world through various activities. Ailey is more than just a virtual influencer; she is a digital celebrity whose constantly updated life is full of trendy fashion, fascinating locations, and captivating experiences. Her activities, which can be viewed on Aileyverse’s social media platforms, including Ailey’s Daily on Instagram, are open to the public. Project Ailey is not just any AI, but an AICC (Artificial Intelligence for Content Creation), which makes her an incredible asset for creators and artists. 

The increasing fame of Ailey is linked to the surge of Web3 aesthetics that prioritize decentralization, user ownership, and interactivity. The focus of Web3 aesthetics is to offer users immersive and engaging experiences, and AI-powered virtual humans such as Ailey are a great representation of this concept. Ailey presents a novel method for users to engage with the metaverse, utilizing a virtual medium that is easily accessible to anyone through the use of her Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

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