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Laura Rathe Fine Art, Dallas, Announces “Skywriting” – A Solo Exhibition Featuring Canadian Contemporary Artist Janna Watson

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Laura Rathe Fine Art, Dallas, Announces “Skywriting” – A Solo Exhibition Featuring Canadian Contemporary Artist Janna Watson

April 11
06:21 2023
Laura Rathe Fine Art, Dallas, Announces "Skywriting" - A Solo Exhibition Featuring Canadian Contemporary Artist Janna Watson
Painted in the countryside of northern Ontario, “Skywriting” showcases Watson’s latest body of work, a series inspired by seductive sunsets and cloudscapes.

Toronto, Ontario – April 11, 2023 – It was November 2022 when Canadian painter Janna Watson began creating her latest collection “Skywriting”. As the sun moves toward the Winter Solstice with the days becoming shorter and with longer nights, Janna describes this time as the dreariest month in Ontario. To find the light, she would walk to the end of her road to catch the sunset against a large open field. What Janna saw in the cold winter sky is what inspired her latest series “Skywriting“. 

To find something beautiful during the dark and gloomy evenings of the northern countryside, Janna continued to develop her unique style and approach through her exploration with materials. With each new painting, Janna continues her ascent to the height of the contemporary art scene. She believes that the work itself has been the greatest influence on her art. The more she creates, the more she understands what her materials want to do, and this understanding is reflected in all of her pieces. 

Janna is currently working with a nuanced color palette that balances soft, luxuriant neutral shades against deep electric hues. For Janna, painting abstraction is about embodying the essence of our physical world and visually articulating the invisible fields through her polychromatic compositions. Her approach to developing and curating her palette is intuitive. Leaning on nature, she learns the relationship between the moon and the ocean and her own relationship to the “moodiness” of blue. 

During a recent press event, Janna described her process as “a source of meditation. My intent is to honor the essence and energy that is around at all times. The sky is my muse; it is no-place and all-place. As opposed to landscape–which references a topography of a specific place–the sky is a numinous experience that connects us to a greater power.” 

She goes on to say, “Wu Wei invites spontaneous and inevitable behaviors to happen naturally. Rather than painting a pre-planned idea, I let go of the ego to unify myself with the environment. When I am conscious of being under the sky, I feel so small. The omnipresent air connects me to my spirit and I want to share my perspective of the emotive sky. I like personifying clouds and adopting their feelings.” 

The concept of Wu Wei has been significant to Janna’s creative process for her new exhibition, “Skywriting“. Her evolving spiritual quest has resonated with indigenous beliefs of reciprocity with nature. She is also intrigued by Tao I Ching’s belief in a source of power, not a god, and how living energy is divinity. Calligraphy gestures as art forms and the idea of instinctive force have also inspired Janna. Painting has become a daily discipline and a spiritual practice, and Janna knows she has made a strong work when a painting feels like it has created itself. She reveals, “When I paint I really try to shut out all thoughts. I let the materials become themselves so that I become an equal player to each pigment.” 

Janna’s paintings are created on mid to large birch panels that are all custom made from a Toronto local wood shop. She describes her brushes as being pivotal in developing depth in her compositions. Her earlier work consisted of a lot of the same brushstrokes and in smaller bundles. Now she explores new dimensions and textures using seven different brushes with silky bristles. Her brushes have a charming place in her collection because “they are flat, wide, and cute.” She smiles and adds that “they all have better haircuts than me.” 

Janna Watson’s work is a beautiful blend of the sky’s beauty, the concept of Wu Wei, and her own unique creative expression. Her art reminds all to find humor and poetry in the unexpected and unconventional moments of life and to approach our daily lives with harmony. 

LAURA RATHE FINE ART / DALLAS: A 3-hour event with Free Admission. 

Laura Rathe Fine Art is hosting the event which is ongoing at this time.

LOCATION: 1130 Dragon Street Suite 130 Dallas, TX, 75207 


Monday – Friday 10 am – 5pm
Saturday 12 pm – 4pm
Appointments recommended. 

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