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Julianna Hopkins takes the jewelry industry by storm with her unique and enchanting pieces.

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Julianna Hopkins takes the jewelry industry by storm with her unique and enchanting pieces.

April 11
09:27 2023
Julianna Hopkins shines as bright as her diamonds with her innovative and personalized approach to jewelry design.

Accomplished jewelry designer Julianna Hopkins wows jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts alike with her distinctive and captivating craftsmanship.

The Artist Behind the Beautiful Designs

Julianna H. Hopkins was born and raised in Brazil and now resides in Florida. Before her rise in the jewelry industry, she worked on a cruise ship for Colombian Emeralds International, a renowned jewelry retail company and one of the largest in the Caribbean. 

Constantly surrounded by stunning jewelry brought out an inherent creative streak in Julianna, and soon she began experimenting on her own, “Seven years ago, I decided to step into the field of jewelry creation and never looked back. Despite being pregnant with my daughter then, I journeyed to New York to learn jewelry design using Matrix, a computer program that was difficult to master; however, anything worthwhile requires effort. After a few initial attempts at making jewelry, I decided to take jewelry designing classes in Miami, Florida, to hone my skills further.”

Julianna continued to search for better quality gems and stones to keep enhancing her techniques and jewelry. Nowadays, Julianna creates videos with her daughter while thinking up and creating bigger and brighter designs. She also helps design and sell elegant watches along with jewelry.

Hopkins currently works for the acclaimed Provenance Gems, which hosts trunk shows and sales events for stores.

Zultanite, the New Royal-esque Gemstone

Julianna has ample experience working with Zultanite, a natural color-changing stone. The iridescent stone changes color based on lighting, reflecting different hues at different angles. It perfectly complements other precious stones like pink sapphires, diamonds, and stones in the shade of green. 

Owing to its unique appearance Zultanite is eye-catching, leaving a lasting impact on all who view it. Zultanite’s varying display complements all skin types, making it the universal gemstone.

Creative and One-of-a-Kind Designs 

Hopkins has helped create a variety of elegant and fascinating designs. Amongst her new collection, she has debuted the ‘Drop of Love,’ an enchanting and romantic design inspired by her love for her daughter. The quaint piece is a drop-shaped pendant with a Zultanite center stone surrounded by a ring of diamonds, along with gold and diamond accents decorating the body of the drop. It is the perfect accessory that goes with several skin tones and outfits and makes for an ideal gift.


Julianna Hopkins paves the way for new, creative designs in the market, creating unique yet timeless designs for perfect accessories. Her passion for her art is almost tangible in her pieces, with each design reflecting her love and care. 

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