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Adadex Launches Decentralized Network of AI Services Accessible through Blockchain Infrastructure

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Adadex Launches Decentralized Network of AI Services Accessible through Blockchain Infrastructure

April 12
17:06 2023

Adadex (ADEX) is pleased to announce the launch of its decentralized network of AI services accessible through Blockchain infrastructure. Adadex provides developers and businesses with the opportunity to publish and use AI services within the Adadex metaverse area, where anyone with an internet connection can access them. The platform offers a full spectrum of artificial intelligence and robot learning services, including image/video, speech, text, time series, bio-AI, and network analysis.

The Adadex platform offers a unique opportunity for developers to earn money by providing their services using the native ADEX token. Developers can deploy and use autonomous AI agents that work with other services in the network, providing a complete end-to-end solution to an industry problem, or a standalone AI application.

The Adadex platform is a decentralized artificial intelligence metaverse robot developer. The core components are designed to allow for a functional, scalable and extensible system. Adadex is on the verge of achieving a careful process with the current architecture, guided by several key decisions governing Blockchain interactions, AI robot integrations, and abstraction, with the goal of creating an AI market that is both open and compliant with regulatory and legal requirements.

“Adadex is at the forefront of the convergence between blockchain and artificial intelligence, and we believe that our platform has the potential to revolutionize the way AI services are delivered and consumed,” said Oren Evans, the CEO of Adadex. “We are committed to creating an open and compliant market for AI services, and we are excited to work with developers and businesses to unlock the full potential of this technology.”

One of the critical decisions guiding the development of Adadex was to minimize the platform’s dependence on its current Blockchain, BSC. This decision was based on both conceptual and practical issues, including the speed, reliability, and low costs of BSC Blockchain interactions. By minimizing gas costs and delays brought by block mining time, Adadex is able to create a more scalable system that can serve the needs of businesses and developers.

Another important feature of Adadex is its abstraction, which isolates as much of the network as possible in AI services integration. This reduces the learning curve and minimizes the overhead associated with providing AI services via the robot. The abstraction is achieved through the daemon, a single flexible tool that provides scalability, robustness, deployment, and management capabilities to the entire community.

The Adadex platform combines blockchain and AI to create a new AI framework that delivers superior practical AI functionality. Blockchain allows Adadex to program economic rules in a digital environment, while AI software interacts with them seamlessly. A cryptocurrency is a powerful tool for managing transactions in an economy dominated by machine intelligence.

Adadex’s Metaverse area is where artificial intelligence robots are developed and sold. The infrastructure includes many features, such as image/video, speech, text, time series, bio-AI, and network analysis. Adadex has designed demo robots for individual users, which is enough for them to perform any job they are commanded to do.

Adadex’s robots can be integrated into the metaverse areas of each company, allowing developers to create and sell artificial intelligence robots in the metaverse space. With agreements made with companies in the market, Adadex’s artificial intelligence robots will be integrated into the metaverse areas of each company.

The Adadex platform also offers a decentralized artificial intelligence center with many features, including advanced best artificial intelligence infrastructure, reliable intelligent virtual robots, a metaverse world of artificial intelligence robots, robot technology, free test robots, and an NFT marketplace.

Adadex Presale Details

Adadex is currently conducting a presale event, where interested parties can purchase ADEX tokens before they are listed on exchanges.  The presale offers a total of 8.7% of the token supply, with a soft cap of 2,000 BNB. The presale has successfully raised 2372 BNB so far. The token sale price is set at $0.045 (1 BNB = 7,333 ADEX), while the minimum listing price is estimated to be around $0.90. Participants in the presale will receive their ADEX tokens immediately after the presale ends. The presale is a great opportunity for early supporters and investors to get involved with Adadex and benefit from the potential growth of the platform.


Adadex’s native token is ADEX. It has a maximum supply of 200 million tokens. The ADEX token is used as the currency for transactions on the Adadex platform. It is also used to pay for the use of AI services provided by developers on the platform. Developers can earn ADEX tokens by publishing their AI services on the platform and receiving payments from users who use their services. Users can purchase ADEX tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges or earn them by staking their tokens on the platform.

The token distribution is as follows: 8.7% of the tokens were distributed during the presale, 31.3% of the tokens are allocated for ecosystem marketing, 16% of the tokens are reserved for the Adadex team, 7% of the tokens are allocated for advisors, 25% of the tokens are reserved for staking rewards, and 12% of the tokens were distributed during private sales.

Adadex aims to create a decentralized AI ecosystem that is accessible to everyone. With its unique combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, Adadex provides developers with a platform to publish and sell their AI services while allowing users to easily access and use these services. Adadex’s decentralized approach ensures that the platform is open and transparent, while also complying with regulatory and legal requirements.

To learn more about Adadex pre-sale and its unique features, please visit their website at https://adadex.net/ or read their whitepaper at https://doc.adadex.net/.


The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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