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Fun gameplay, Beginner-friendly blockchain experience, also Free to Play

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Fun gameplay, Beginner-friendly blockchain experience, also Free to Play

April 12
19:51 2023

CEBG is a Free-To-Play blockchain mobile game that combines MOBA and battle royale gameplay with 3D graphics and an anime style. It offers a limited edition skin and an “Explorer Medal” NFT for reaching certain levels during its second beta test. Its unique features include a frictionless user experience and the ability to earn valuable in-game assets through gameplay.

This game took millions of dollars and 2 years to develop. What are its unique features?

Game Features:

The game is MOBA-style with easy-to-learn controls, featuring characters with various attributes and skills. Players can choose from high burst damage assassins and warriors, high defense tanks, and healing support doctors. This diversity allows for many tactical combinations and teamwork exploration.


The “Assassin” hero has a high “Attack” attribute and a “Double Power” skill that increases damage

CEBG is a unique game that combines both MOBA-style and battle royale gameplay from “Chicken Dinner” games. Players choose their hero and parachute into the map to collect resources and engage in shootouts with other players. The game includes a shrinking “poison circle” that forces players to move towards the safe zone, along with various weapons, items, and vehicles, adding more strategy and excitement. The game is perfect for mobile players, with a match length of around 15 minutes.


Get ready, touch down and assemble!


Occupy the high ground and prepare for an ambush


“Chicken dinner”

Free to Play, Free to Own

CEBG is also a free-to-play game that offers players a complete gaming experience without any cost. Players can choose their hero and weapon for free, upgrade them during gameplay, and trade them as NFTs on the market. This feature creates a unique and valuable gaming experience, driving the adoption of Web3 assets by Web2 players.


The conversion of gaming assets to NFTs is driven by the core force of “playing games.”

Highly Acclaimed Anime-style

CEBG’s anime-style art has been well-received by players, fostering emotional connections between players and in-game characters. Current skins have received positive feedback, with over 90% of players willing to pay for them. The game plans to release more beautiful Q-style skins for heroes and weapons in the future.


Cute “waifus”

“Zero Threshold”

CEBG offers easy registration and login with players using their Google account to start playing without complicated Web3 wallet applications or signing processes. The game generates a custodial wallet to store assets for players until they interact with on-chain assets, allowing players to become immersed in the game world without awareness of the blockchain.

Rich Game Modules

1. PVP: 40 players compete in free matching or monthly tournaments based on ELO scores. Rewards include game coins $GOLD and governance tokens $CEC for top rankings.

2. PVE: Two modes: “Bounty Mission” and “Dungeon Challenge.” Players can use NFT in “Bounty Mission” and form teams in “Dungeon Challenge.” Rewards include game coins $GOLD and other items.

3. “City Battle” (GvG): Players who own a “Land” NFT and establish a “Tribe” can apply to participate in the “City Battle”. This battle is between guilds, and the victorious “Tribe” will have the power to collect taxes from other “Tribes” for a certain period of time.

Full Social Features

CEBG is a fun web3 game that allows traditional gamers to acquire real decentralized assets while enjoying the gameplay. The game features a variety of firearms and skills, with smooth controls and unique hero abilities. The team is dedicated to creating a quality game and values its community, offering rewards through community events and giveaways. CEBG also provides in-game voice chat and a companion system to guide new players and make new friends. By assetizing player data and digitizing assets, CEBG brings players into a positive cycle of assets, allowing them to truly experience a series of web3 interactive behaviors such as NFT, airdrop, certificate, and community equity, which do not affect the game experience.

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