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Run True LLC to Launch a Fresh 6-Week Online Runner’s Movement Program

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Run True LLC to Launch a Fresh 6-Week Online Runner’s Movement Program

April 13
02:48 2023
Run True LLC is a premier sports company committed to helping runners improve their technique and reach new heights. The company is launching a 6-week online running movement course.

Running is among the healthiest endeavours a person can take up. More and more people are taking up running to stay healthy, lose weight, make friends and generally feel good about themselves. But running involves a huge number of complex body movements (every joint and muscle in the body is involved) – the running form – that, when executed poorly, can lead to severe injuries that lead to frustration and a lack of enjoyment.

To ensure runners across the globe can obtain, refine, and implement the most advanced techniques, Run True LLC is launching a 6-week online running movement course for beginners and advanced runners.

As conveyed by Run True’s spokesperson, one of the focus points of the Online Running Movement Course is the importance of building running pace in the safest, most natural way possible, stating the following:

“Running speed is a compound of stride strength and cadence. A longer stride length placed more frequently equates to speed. We do not get a longer stride strength by striding longer. This would mean we were extending our lower leg and creating a braking effect. In the Run True system, we learn how to achieve a longer stride length naturally while landing on a bent knee, upright shinbone, thereby absorbing impact and creating a more efficient, faster, and more injury-resistant running gait,” said the company’s spokesperson.  

The Run True online course eliminates stretching from the equation and replaces it with mobilization. It eliminates traditional strength training, also, replacing it with functional, running specific strength movements. Runners who have sustained or are prone to injuries will benefit the most from Run True’s functional body optimization techniques, which are not only meant to enhance the runner’s performance but also to significantly reduce the risk of future injuries and the impact of existing ones.

More information about Run True is available on the company’s official Facebook page.

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