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Dr. Robert Douglas of Opic Technologies Talks about the Expansion of Virtual Reality

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Dr. Robert Douglas of Opic Technologies Talks about the Expansion of Virtual Reality

May 09
01:09 2023
Opic is a premier American technology company specializing in creating innovative 3D smartphones and technologies. Dr. Robert Douglas of Opic Technologies, Inc. talked about the rising impact and prominence of virtual reality.

For decades, people have talked about the “explosive rise” of virtual reality, but data suggests that not many people actively use VR devices. Dr. Robert Douglas of Opic Technologies, an expert in VR technology, wanted to share his findings and views on contemporary and upcoming VR products, services, and technologies so that consumers know what the future holds. 

Dr. Robert Douglas believes that it will be the 3D smartphone, not video games or fancy VR headsets, that will be responsible for this explosive rise. 

To better understand the circumstances that may propel 3D smartphones to global popularity, Dr. Douglas explains that the implementation and adoption of this new technology is a multi-step process.

The first step revolves around forward-thinking cell phone manufacturers who will eventually stumble upon a new concept – Opic’s 3D smartphone. The 3D smartphone will be equipped with two cameras separated by a stereoscopic distance so one camera will acquire left-eye imagery and the other camera will acquire right-eye imagery. 

The second step explains the primary functions of Opic’s 3D smartphone. This revolutionary phone will enable 3D live streaming of videos to an end user wearing a VR headset. Dr. Douglas said:

“Imagine being a deployed Soldier wearing a VR headset and being able to participate in a Thanksgiving dinner back home with loved ones. Imagine being able to 3D live stream on VR with anyone over the internet,” said Dr. Douglas.

The final step, according to Dr. Douglas, revolves around the widespread adoption of this technology by users across the globe. Nearly everyone who upgrades their phones will choose the 3D smartphone, and when they do, more and more people will wear VR headsets. Consequentially, the VR industry will take off like wildfire.

“Smartphones have already fundamentally changed human existence. Consider for a moment people in waiting rooms all across the world are looking down at their phones. Times have changed, and every 40-year-old can attest to that,” Dr. Douglas continued.

3D smartphones will fundamentally change human existence once again, Dr. Douglas believes. 3D smartphone will enable 3D live-streaming and consumers will spend an ever increasing amount of time wearing their VR headsets. The 3D smartphone’s live-streaming capability will be the impetus for this next change in human existence.

Dr. Douglas of Opic Technologies concludes that “the time is ripe for the 3D smartphone. Nearly everyone carries a cell phone. VR headsets are affordable to many. All people need an escape and many will choose VR for that. Live streaming of 3D videos will be the stimulus for VR growth.”

Dr. Douglas is the primary inventor of Opic’s patented technology. Opic Technologies, Inc. is a startup company based in Orlando, Florida, and owns the seminal patents to the 3D smartphone. Dr. Douglas was in the top 1% at West Point in Engineering and earned a Ph.D. in Systems Analysis. Dr. Douglas has served as a Director of Systems Analysis at Lockheed Martin, Vice President of DRS Technologies and Chief Technology Officer of D3D Technologies. 

Dr. Douglas has been deeply involved in the design of 3D imaging systems and sensor systems and has been awarded over 75 patents. 

More information about Opic Technologies is available on the company’s Twitter page @Opic_Inc and the company’s official website.

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