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Hollywood Talent Agent Tiauna Jackson Launches Groundbreaking Distribution and Streaming Platform, Jacksmacked on Juneteenth

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Hollywood Talent Agent Tiauna Jackson Launches Groundbreaking Distribution and Streaming Platform, Jacksmacked on Juneteenth

May 10
13:21 2023

The Jackson Agency is excited to unveil JACKSMACKED, a groundbreaking distribution and streaming platform set to transform the way filmmakers, musicians, podcasters, and content creators share their work with the world starting Juneteenth. Founded by esteemed Hollywood Talent Agent Tiauna Jackson, this innovative platform is creating new pathways for emerging artists and leaving its mark on the arts and entertainment landscape.

“It is exciting to witness our growth as we continue our commitment to providing representation to underrepresented artists. Through this platform, we will continue to showcase underrepresented artists with the intention of fostering global reach,” says Jackson.

By 2025, the streaming industry is estimated to be worth $6.1 billion, and currently, there are more than 400 million active users of internet-based streaming platforms, generating $4.1 billion in revenue. Jacksmacked stands out as one of the few platforms not controlled by investors, enabling its unique ABVOD (Advertising Based Video on Demand) and FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) system to prioritize showcasing engaging content by independent filmmakers, podcasters, and content creators from across the globe.

A selection of prominent titles will be showcased on our website, premium providers can enjoy the benefits of having their own access to our platform as a content partner, while channel partners can have their own channel featured on our platform allowing them to distribute their original branded content. JACKSMACKED not only offers a seamless solution for the distribution of films, podcasts, music, and series but also creates opportunities for underrepresented creators with niche content to gain recognition in a fiercely competitive, corporate-dominated market. Modern audiences are in search of fresh faces, innovative content, and untold stories, making JACKSMACKED the perfect answer to these needs.

The Jackson Agency is well-versed in the challenges faced by independent producers who often have no choice but to deal with unscrupulous distributors charging hidden fees and exorbitant commissions. With the introduction of JACKSMACKED, those struggles are a thing of the past! This game-changing platform enables filmmakers and creators to take control of their success, ensuring that their work reaches a worldwide audience of cinephiles in search of new stories through direct partnership with our platform.

A certified diverse supplier, JACKSMACKED empowers advertisers to create a positive brand image and foster long-term customer loyalty on our growing OTT platform. As a new Supply Side Platform seeking brands for collaboration, we offer unique benefits and opportunities to engage with an alternative but dedicated audience, that will help advertisers stand out in a saturated market. Audiences appreciate authentic content which allows for more robust connections with the target demographic in a dynamic digital landscape. Our creative ad placements, advanced targeting, and data-driven analytics ensure accurate reach, while the customized approach improves conversion rates, ROI, and maintains a reasonable CPM for advertisers.

Talent Agent, Tiauna Jacksonsays, regarding this new venture: “I’ve always prided myself on having a non-Hollywood approach and I’m continuing that path by putting the filmmakers of tomorrow on mainstream platforms. You, the creators, artists, and entertainers of the world, undoubtedly have quality content sitting on a harddrive making zero dollars right now. Work with me. Let’s get your original content in front of audiences as we scale this game changing platform.”

Jackson’s candid approach, coupled with her remarkable achievements—including obtaining multiple Writers Guild of America franchises, a Directors Guild franchise, a SAG-AFTRA franchise, co-founding the Black Agents Network with Mr. Ezra Jones of theFState, becoming the first Free The Work certified Minority-Owned Business, a certified LGBT Business Enterprise, being named an Essence Woman in Hollywood, becoming a Television Academy associate member, and making entertainment industry history by being elected to the Association of Talent Agents Board of Directors—Ms. Jackson has solidified her position as a formidable figure in Hollywood. Consequently, her accomplishments have been highlighted by numerous media outlets, such as The New York Times™, Essence Magazine™, Variety™, Fox Soul™, TMZ™, and The Black News Channel™.

To stream JACKSMACKED visit http://www.Jacksmacked.com.

Follow @jacksmackedstudio on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jacksmackedstudio

To learn more about Tiauna Jackson and The Jackson Agency, visit http://www.tja.agency.

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