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Efforts are being made to build a digital network platform, EPWK will lay out its future plan in this way

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Efforts are being made to build a digital network platform, EPWK will lay out its future plan in this way

May 12
21:18 2023

On February 10,2023 Beijing time,EPWK HOLDINGS LTD.(hereinafter referred to as “EPWK”),the ultimate controlling company of Xiamen EPWK(Chinese “Yipin Weike”) Network Technology Co., Ltd., publicly filed a prospectus on the website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC),with stock code EPWK, intending to list on the NASDAQ Global Main Board Market IPO in the United States.


EPWK is positioned as a digital network service platform that continuously provides power for the growth of small and medium-sized market entities;At the same time, based on a trusted and intelligent platform, it is committed to building a global creative design and software development industry ecological chain and becoming a link, integrator and value creator of industrial resources.

EPWK, which is deeply involved in the fields of creative crowdsourcing and knowledge and skill sharing, did not start early in the industry.However, with a series of innovations and deep exploration of product value, it stands out in the industry. Going public in the United States can be said to be a new starting point for EPWK’s development. What will EPWK do next?

Building a digital platform

In traditional economics,land、labor、capital and technology are the main production factors.In today’s digital economy era, data has become a new production factor. Driven by data elements and digital technologies(including big data、cloud computing、artificial intelligence、Internet of Things、blockchain,etc.),human society has entered a new era of digital intelligence.

It is understood that the core of digital intelligence is based on massive big data, combined with artificial intelligence-related technologies, to solve problems by connecting the original data “end-to-end islands” and combining scenario-based solutions.That is to say,digital intelligence can be simply understood as digitization + intelligence, which has higher demands on the basis of digitization.


EPWK keeps pace with the times and uses massive big data accumulated over many years as its foundation. It uses Internet big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent algorithms and other technologies to successfully build a new type of digital economic platform that helps start-ups achieve online development, service outsourcing and talent sharing, namely the creative transaction digital intelligence network platform “EPWK Network”(EPWK.COM).

EPWK Network takes creative services as its main content and matches buyers (employers) and sellers (service providers) on the platform through perfect personalized precision recommendation, transaction rules and online assisted manual work to facilitate efficient transactions on the platform. In addition, based on the massive data accumulated by EPWK Network, EPWK actively digs out single customer’s value to provide them with “one-stop service”throughout their life cycle , such as intellectual property rights, financial accounting agency services, certification and accreditation and offline entrepreneurial space provision etc.

Innovation-driven development

Innovation is the first driving force for development. EPWK has achieved innovative development through business model exploration and practice as well as application of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent algorithms and big data.

EPWK Network is the first platform in China to propose commission-free platform. In the early stage of its launch and operation in 2010, EPWK Network boldly innovated and broke industry rules by pioneering commission-free model that allow service providers to earn 100% of their money instead of 20% commission fees. This truly guarantees service providers’ interests and enable platform return to platform.

In 2011, starting from user needs, EPWK Network first proposed the concept of “shops” in the industry to explore value-added services for crowdsourcing platform and continuous growth new models. After multiple products and service upgrade, it has formed today’s V-Client Premium Membership Service Model which focuses on solving common business negotiation issues for entrepreneurs such as brand exposure and traffic operation shortfalls by providing them with six major premium services: business opportunities, traffic flow, brand management, training services , forming a hierarchical diversified online service product system.

The value of business lies in creating value for users. In order to achieve more efficient matching between talents and needs, EPWK Network launched a “personalized task intelligent recommendation engine” and formed two core patented technologies: “employer-task-service provider personalized recommendation technology”and “implicit factor model weike task recommendation method”. The personalized task intelligent recommendation engine effectively solves the problem of information overload on crowdsourcing platform.Intelligence-driven personalized recommendations for talents and needs  improve user experience and transaction efficiency and promote industry development.

Focusing on improving industry transaction efficiency and constantly conducting technological innovation and accumulation of technology,up to now ,EPWK has obtained 135 scientific research achievements,100 software copyrights,applied for 17 patents and obtained 9 patent authorizations (including 7 invention patents and 2 appearance patents).

Planning layout to serve users

Adhering to the business philosophy of “creating value for users”, in order to further serve a large user group well and expand product services in size, width and depth, YPWK will carry out “four modernizations” layout in the future:Creative productization、Operation intelligence、Service financialization、Layout internationalization。

Creative productization, creating a product market for creative people. As a gathering place for creative talents, EPWK has tens of millions of creative talent users. In the future, EPWK will further leverage platform advantages to cultivate and incubate a group of creative design institutions, encourage them to productize and standardize creativity, and let the commercial value of creativity be further developed through platform priority release and pre-sale.

Operation intelligence, building a meta-universe service mall. Technological development has brought about changes in interaction methods and further promoted the deepening of immersive experiences in virtual worlds. EPWK will closely follow cutting-edge technologies, rely on the platform’s strong technology research and development capabilities, work with platform service providers, and strive to build and share various application scenarios such as digital exhibition halls and online conferences.



Service financialization, customizing industrial credit solutions. In recent years, digital credit loans have emerged, effectively solving the funding problems of small and micro enterprises by deeply tapping into the application value of credit data information. In the future, EPWK will leverage the big data accumulated by the platform to cooperate with various banks and financial institutions to provide users with customized industrial credit solutions and other financial services.

Layout internationalization, making China’s creativity also be the world’s. Creativity knows no borders. How to better serve international creativity with Chinese creativity while further promoting exchanges and interactions between international and domestic creative professionals? EPWK will plan to launch an international version of “EPWK.COM”, effectively linking creative needs and creative talents from both international and domestic sources, serving employers and service providers from around the world.

Xiamen EPWK Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “EPWK”) was established in March 2011. It is a “Double Hundred Plan” enterprise and a key listed reserve enterprise in Xiamen City. It is the operating entity of the cloud platform “EPWK Network”(EPWK.COM); It is a national high-tech enterprise, a national cultural and technological integration demonstration base, an e-commerce demonstration enterprise of national Ministry of Commerce , an undertaking unit of national science and technology support program project, a typical case of the National Development and Reform Commission’s 《China Sharing Economy Development Report》(2019), and a member unit of the first National Sharing Economy Standardization Technical Committee.

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