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End-to-end audio-driven virtual face video system to help promote agricultural products by “Virtual Agroboosters” team of ZJSU

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End-to-end audio-driven virtual face video system to help promote agricultural products by “Virtual Agroboosters” team of ZJSU

May 15
18:40 2023

Focusing on the problems of non-standard Mandarin, high cost of hiring professional anchors and low performance of equipment in the live broadcast of agricultural products by farmers and agro-based enterprises, the “Virtual Agroboosters” team from an Asian University now has successfully created an audio-driven virtual face video system for the promotion of agricultural products.

In terms of technology, the team used a multi-headed Attention mechanism to synthesize the audio of farmers with different regional accents, and then generated Blendshape parameters from the synthesized audio, which were adapted to the farmers’ low performance computing devices. At the same time, a suitable recurrent neural network capable of capturing long dependencies will be built based on the emotional state of the farmer’s voice during the live broadcast, enabling the generation of a virtual face with expressive changes that closely resemble the farmer’s image from the farmer’s real-time input of the live selling lines. In addition, the system will also read live pop-ups and automatically respond to pop-up questions from a user-defined text library with the help of cross-platform crawler technology. The application of the voice-driven virtual face system enables 24/7 live streaming in the live room and greatly enhances the productivity of farmers.

Based on the background of cooperation with the “Unforgettable” Citrus Cooperative, the voice driven virtual face video system created by the “Virtual Agroboosters” team is now in practical use on platforms such as Tiktok, Kuaishou, Taobao, JD.com, PDD, helping farmers and agro-based enterprises to solve the problems of difficult live broadcasts and stagnant sales of agricultural products, helping to revitalize the countryside. The cooperative has conducted a preliminary application evaluation and feedback on the voice-driven virtual human face video system, and concluded that the system can meet the needs of agricultural enterprises and farmers to solve the problems of single marketing channels and difficulties in live broadcasting under the background of the rapid development of the Internet era and the increasing trend of live streaming with goods, and has certain economic and social benefits. In addition, the sound-driven virtual human technology video system will also introduce a number of highly skilled personnel for rural areas and agricultural enterprises, promoting the gradual expansion of knowledge and technology-based jobs, and more up-to-date jobs and work patterns are about to flood in. After the actual promotion, this mode of operation can be applied to other industry products with high subsequent application value.

Today, avatars are becoming smarter and more diverse, and have become a tool that cannot be ignored in the real world. In rural areas, agricultural products are mostly distributed via wholesale markets, and the use of intermediary will greatly reduce farmers’ sales profits. For agribusinesses, traditional offline sales methods are no longer able to reach their sales targets, and there is an urgent need to open up online sales channels to solve the problem of stagnant agricultural products. In the future, the team will continue to work on creating avatars with multi-dimensional capabilities such as behavior, language and consciousness to showcase a more comprehensive and warmer virtual world.

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